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New Program Assessment Plan

New Program Proposals

New program proposals (as well as programs that are requesting modifications in the learning outcomes) are required to include a Program Assessment Plan and Curriculum Mapping form. All actively offered courses, including internships, special topics, and experimental courses should have a program assessment plan.

The Assessment Plan terminology used in FSU assessment procedures are consistent with the University Assessment System except program and course outcomes are simply referred to as “outcomes.” Therefore, to provide clarity the terms Program Learning Outcome (PLO) and Course Learning Outcome (CLO) are used to differentiate between course-level outcomes and program–level outcomes.

While there may be additional program outcomes desired in a program or course such as enrollment, the learning outcomes defined in the Program and Course Assessment Plans are focused on student learning.

As outlined in the UCC Curriculum Planning and Procedures Manual (UCC Manual), the UAC serves as a required Form B consult. In order to accomplish this process, academic programs are requested to submit their program assessment plans using these new forms.  The UCC requires any proposal creating a new program or course offering to complete a detailed assessment plan with program and/or course learning outcomes, assessment methods, criterion for success, and assessment schedule, which will be reviewed by the UAC. 

Two forms must be completed and submitted to the UCC with the new program proposal:

  • Program Assessment Plan
  • Curriculum Mapping Plan 

Complete the "Program Assessment Plan" and "Curriculum Mapping" Forms

Please download the Word document below. The Word document contains both forms that need to be completed for each new program proposal and and submitted with the program proposal to the University Curriculum Committee. Click on the links below to download the forms in a Word document.

For programs with new courses Complete the Course Assessment Plan Form for each new course