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University Assessment Committee


The purpose of the UAC is to help foster a culture of assessment within the University community where the collection, reporting, analysis, and utilization of assessment data is transparent and done with integrity. Assessment at Ferris State University is woven throughout the university. The UAC aims to provide clarity and focus on the assessment of student learning. 

The Higher Learning Commission HLC Criterion 4 (Teaching and Learning; Evaluation and Improvement) states, in part: "The institution engages in ongoing assessment of student learning as part of its commitment to the educational outcomes of its students. The institution has effective processes for assessment of student learning and for achievement of learning goals in academic and cocurricular offerings. The institution uses the information gained from assessment to improve student learning. The institution’s processes and methodologies to assess student learning reflect good practice, including the substantial participation of faculty, instructional and other relevant staff members."  

What is the purpose of the UAC?

The UAC committee is faculty driven with representation from other areas of assessment at the University, and it is charged with the following:

  1. Collaborate with the Academic Affairs Assessment Committee, Student Affairs Assessment Committee, University Curriculum Committee (UCC), and Academic Program Review Council (APRC) to establish the development, exchange, and advancement of best practices and excellence in assessment. (The UCC reviews new course and program proposals and the APRC reviews existing programs.)
  2. Conduct regular peer review of assessment activities to monitor processes and methodologies that assess student learning, student satisfaction, and student priorities.
  3. Provide feedback and guidance to programs in support of curricular assessment practices that help achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency.
  4. Evaluate the progress and outcomes of these charges on an annual basis and use data to inform the work of the committee.

The UAC follows a process that fosters shared governance and ensures that all constituents have the opportunity and the guidance needed to participate in the assessment process. At FSU, the planning, implementation, and review of assessment is overseen by the University Assessment Committee (UAC), University Curriculum Committee (UCC), and Academic Program Review Council (APRC). The UAC provides documentation of it's purpose and procedures in the UAC Operations Manual and the UAC Handbook, which are both approved by the Academic Senate

The UAC review is consultative by nature. Programs and departments have diverse needs and requirements and can set assessment practices that the program or department implement across courses. The UAC has developed a process with forms and criteria, to assist programs with a better understanding of the expectations of assessment plans and documentation of the results. 

There are 3 main areas where the UAC operates:

  1. CONSULTATION: Consultation with academic programs, faculty and others on course and program assessment.  
  2. NEW COURSE ASSESSMENT PLANS AND NEW PROGRAM ASSESSMENT PLANS: Provide feedback to the UCC and academic programs related to assessment plans defined within new course and program proposals. The UAC is included as a Form B Consultation within the UCC process.  (Existing course and program proposals will only be reviewed if the proposal substantively modifies the course or program learning outcomes).
  3. PRE-APR REVIEWS OF ASSESSMENT PLANS AND RESULTS: Review course and program assessment plans and results, for programs scheduled for APR reviews mid-cycle (3-years before the scheduled APR review).

Assessment Plans for New Course and Program Proposals

Download the Word document forms from the pages below:

Where can I get help and learn more about this process?

If you have questions or to consult with the UAC, please contact us at [email protected]

Please provide your contact information. 

  • Program Chair/Contact Person
  • Assessment Faculty (If there is one assigned)
  • Date of next APR
  • Description of assistance needed

Drop-in Office Hours

The UAC Chair will hold a 1-hour a week office hour for anyone to drop in to ask questions related to assessment and the UAC processes and procedures.

Fall 2022: 

  • Katie Kalata, UAC-Chair
  • COB Business Building (BUS) Room 326, ext 2045
  • Wednesday 11:00 - 11:55 pm.
  • Also available via Zoom. Please contact us to setup a Zoom appointment