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International Education Committee

2023 International Educator Award Recipient: Professor Lori Faulkner

Lori Faulkner

Professor Lori A. Faulkner is this year’s recipient of the International Educator Award.  Professor Faulkner chairs the Pamella Roland School of Fashion at KCAD.  She recognized early on that many of her students had never traveled outside Michigan, and most had never been outside the country.  To bridge this gap, she has become a tremendous advocate of study-abroad experiences.  Over the years, Professor Faulkner has led students on trips to Paris, London, Hong Kong, China, Greece, and Australia.  She sees these trips as opportunities for students to experience life “outside their bubble” so they better understand and appreciate the global nature of the fashion industry.

Her support of international students on KCAD’s campus and her firm commitment to increasing the diversity of the student body creates a space where acceptance is the norm and learning from each other’s differences enriches their collective educational experience.  Professor Faulkner’s support for international education includes recognizing and responding to these student’s needs for additional support; and she maintains relationships with them long after graduation.  Congratulations, Professor Lori Faulkner, recipient of the 2022-2023 International Educator Award!