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UAC Members

UAC Committee Members (2023-2024)

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) consists of academic and non-academic representatives across the university. UAC is a relatively new Academic Senate committee. If your area is not represented and would like to know more about how to participate on this committee, please contact the UAC at [email protected]

Representative Department Email
Michelle Weemaes CHP
Evan Watts CASE [email protected]
Katie Kalata - Chair BUS [email protected]
Greg Wellman (O.C.) CET [email protected]
Lillian Kalaczinski OPT [email protected]
Namita Giri PHR [email protected]
Lisa Meny L/C/A [email protected]
Megan Biller * DCCL [email protected]
Victor Piercey * UCC [email protected]
Mandy Seiferlein * Academic Affairs  [email protected]
Nicholas Campau *   [email protected]
Stoney Hart  *   [email protected]


* Ex officio