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Pre-APR Assessment Review

What is a Program Assessment Review?

The UAC, UCC and APRC are all engaged and invested in course and program assessment because these are tools that help support the assessment of student learning. The goal of this process, is to help programs improve program and course assessment. In addition, this pre-review can help identify areas of concern, that provide the academic program with time to modify the assessment plans and implementations if needed. 

The focus of this review is to provide a snapshot of the assessment data:

  1. Course Assessment Plan
  2. Course Assessment Results
  3. Program Assessment Plan
  4. Program Assessment Results
  5. Curriculum Mapping

Program and course assessment  includes learning outcomes (PLOs/CLOs), assessment methods, criterion for success, and the assessment schedule.  However, during the APR review, there is also a focus on the results, actions, and follow-up necessary for quality assessment.

Program assessment data should be collected according to the schedule defined in the program assessment plan and documented within the University Assessment System. Programs should continue the process of program assessment with the focus of continuous improvement.

All programs should document the results, actions, and follow-up for each program learning outcome on a regular basis according to the Assessment Schedule listed in the Assessment Plan. Assessment data is required information to be documented in the University.

Systematic assessment is periodic and regular. Program assessment should begin a continuous process of review after the program is approved and first offered. Programs should use the feedback from the UAC to drive continuous improvement and data-driven decision making (i.e., updates and improvements to assessment plans, to the program itself, and/or to individual courses within the program).

What will be the role of the UAC in Reviewing Assessment?

Although program assessment review occurs during a full program review by the APRC, the UAC will conduct periodic reviews of program and course assessment, focusing on the curriculum mapping, program and course assessment plans, program and course assessment results, and overall student learning.