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Athletic Advisory Committee Members

Representative Department Sport Liaison Room Phone
Catherine Archer, Secretary CHP Soccer VFS 315 2282
Brady Flachs PHR Seat Ice Hockey BIS 412 3519
Joanie Hazelton CASE   ASC 2103 231-995-1715
Lee Templin CET Volleyball GRN 227 5275
David McCall, Chair At Large   ASC 1029 2842

Steve Hundersmarck

BUS   IRC 212G 5085
Lori Armstrong L/C/A   BUS 212D 2483
Kim Beistle Senate Rep.   VFS 302 2224
Joe Pole OPT   MCO 245 2181
Kim Hancock Faculty Athletic Rep   BIS 506 2836
Nick Campau Pres. Rep.   HFE 010 2949
Nick Scheible Pres. Rep. Ice Hockey    
Sara Higley Ex Officio   SPO 115 2860
Jeffery Stewart Admissions      
Rachael L Jones Eligibility Coordinator      
Bob Grffith, Vice Chair  AA/Staff      
Zoe Anderson Student Government Representative      
Mathis Guerre Student Athlete      
Amanda M Eslinger Student Athlete