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Robert Most

Robert Most

Associate Professor
School of Engineering and Computing Technology
Phone: (231) 591-3044
Email: [email protected]


  • MS, Cornell University, Electrical Engineering
  • BS, Kettering University (GMI), Electrical Engineering

Publications and Intellectual Contributions

  • Research Report
    Robert, M. (2018). "Testing and Analysis of FIRST® Robotics Batteries," First Robotics. (N/A). p. yes. Manchester, NH: First Robotics.
  • Magazine/Trade Publication
    Most, R. (2010). "Hardware Watchdog Timer Accepts a Range of Frequencies," Electronic Design News. (August 12, 2010). p. 46. Boise, ID USA: AspenCore Media.
  • Magazine/Trade Publication
    Most, R. (2008). "Spark Detector Uses Proximity," Electronic Design News. (November 2008). p. 44. Boise, ID USA: AspenCore Media.
  • Magazine/Trade Publication
    Most, R. (2004). "Resistor and Transistor Synchronize Flashing LEDs," Electronic Design. (October, 2004). p. 56. Cleveland, OH USA: Penton Media.
  • Journal Article
    Most, R. (2004). "Plasma Impacts to an Oxygen Doped Silicon Carbide Low-k Barrier Film," Journal of the Electrochemical Society. (August, 2004). p. 55. Cleveland, OH USA: Electrochemical Society.
  • Magazine/Trade Publication
    Most, R. (2004). "Circuit Provides 4-20mA Loop for Microcontrollers," Electronic Design News. (May, 2004). p. 89. Boise, ID USA: AspenCore Media.


  • Oral Presentation
    Most, R. (Author & Presenter), First Robotics World Championship, "Testing Batteries to Optimize Robot Performance," FIRST Robotics, Detroit, MI USA, (April 26, 2018).