Industrial Technology & Management - Frequently Asked Questions

  • This refers to the amount of the degree that can be done at the community college plus the amount of the degree that can be done at Ferris. Using four years as a full-time-student reference, this would mean a student will take about three years' worth of courses with a community college, and one full year of courses with Ferris State University. A student should not wait until all their community college classes are done, rather students are encouraged to apply as soon as they meet the admissions criteria and then plan on being concurrently enrolled to complete their Ferris degree.

  • Typically, Ferris offers about six credit hours per semester at any given location. Occasionally, this will be slightly higher or lower. With this pace, the sequence of Ferris courses generally requires 2.5 years to complete. Beyond this time, students will typically need to complete additional courses from the community college to fill gaps in their degree plans, but this varies widely among the many students in the program.

  • Yes – this is expected of most students. Students are encouraged to meet with a Ferris advisor early and apply as soon as they meet the admissions criteria. Once admitted, students who are enrolled at the community college will fill out a Consortium Form to inform Ferris of the classes they are taking that go towards their Ferris degree.

  • The core of the ITM program is offered in a combination of 3 different formats, in-seat in Grand Rapids and Warren, Fully online or Mixed Delivery at that location meaning class will be part in-seat and part online.

  • Once you become familiar your with MyDegree plan, you do not need to meet every semester with your advisor. Common questions can be answered via email, but you should make an effort to meet at least once per year to discuss any issues and upcoming matters of importance.