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The Curriculum


These courses include manufacturing-based content such as Plant Layout, Product Design, Quality, Safety and Environmental Health, Project Management, and others.

Core Requirements

Includes coursework in business management, professional communication, and professional computer competency. Also, a senior-level capstone course will complete your degree.

General Education Requirements

To give you a firm base of knowledge, you will be guided through general education courses in communication, scientific understanding, quantitative skills, cultural enrichment, global consciousness, U.S. diversity, and self & society. You may already have met some of these requirements as part of your associate degree.

Elective Requirements

You can apply up to 40 semester hours of elective credit toward your BAS degree. Your electives may include transfer credits, prerequisite hours or hours that support the concentration. Credit may also be earned through course proficiency exams, CLEP, or DANTES tests. If you have technical education, technical training, or military training in your background and if you are looking for a career move to an administrative role or an advanced technical position, this degree is definitely the one for you.

We know that many people working today have their associate degree, or have earned college credit from a variety of schools, but are looking to take the next step and earn their bachelor's degree. For these people we built this degree, the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), which will accept a variety of college credits and eases the transfer process. We've even built in options for granting credit for prior learning or military training.

Additional Information

The Industrial Technology & Management program is designed to complement previous training in a technical area in order to move into a management role in a manufacturing or related facility. The degree program is interdisciplinary, bringing components of various programs together with specialty courses that expand the knowledge base of the student in manufacturing and industrial settings. The foundation classes provide depth of knowledge applicable to any technology field with classes in automation, globalization, lean manufacturing, OSHA safety, general management, quality statistics, and industrial operations. Students typically come to the ITM program with work experience in a manufacturing environment. This allows students to bring their own experiences from their jobs to the classroom for a unique perspective on solving manufacturing- related problems.

The Industrial Technology & Management degree is designed for those involved in any one of a number of areas in manufacturing who may possess many manufacturing or business-related credits or an associate degree, and who desire a bachelor's degree. This degree program will assist persons who want to make a career change with their current employer or a career transition to a new employer. It is designed to assist persons who desire to work in production supervision, sales engineering, production planning, quality, engineering supervision, and project management, among other positions.