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College of Pharmacy Faculty & Student Pharmacists Present Research at 2019 National Conferences

Their work was showcased at the APhA and AMCP annual meetings.

Students at APhaA meeting

Students and faculty of FSU College of Pharmacy have been visible in several recent national meetings. Nearly 30 members of the College attended the 2019 American Pharmacists Association (APhA) annual meeting in Seattle, Washington and the 2019 Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) annual meeting in San Diego, CA. Faculty and students presented research projects conducted with partners from Spartan Nash, Meijer, and Western Michigan University’s Homer Stryker School of Medicine.

Among the students presenting posters at the meeting was Cameron Leist (4th year pharmacy student), who reported the results of his study on antibiotic prescribing in a community clinic setting. Working with his research advisor, Dr. Michael Klepser, he reviewed antibiotic use patterns in over 128,000 patients that visited the Bronson Health Clinics System. “Conducting research alongside Dr. Klepser was a great experience”, Leist said. “I was foreign to research prior to this, so learning the methodology for data extraction, Institution Review Board (IRB) process, and data analysis provided a new perspective and appreciation for research as a whole.” He also noted the importance of disseminating research findings to peers on a national stage. “Presenting the poster at APhA was a rewarding way to showcase all the work that we had put in over the past year and most importantly, a way to share the results. Attending a national meeting such as APhA is a great way to learn about other research being conducted, learn about advancements in the profession, and to network with other students and pharmacists. It was a wonderful experience.”

Dr. Anne Ottney, Associate Professor in the Pharmacy Practice Department, along with faculty colleagues and 4th year pharmacy student Vanessa Muratovic, presented results of their research to determine how college students perceive the safety of using electronic cigarettes, or vaping.

“This was an excellent opportunity for our faculty and students to present their research at a national level,” said Dr. Stephen W. Durst, Dean of the College of Pharmacy. “Having our students present at APhA is a testament to the dedication that they have, along with our faculty mentors, for advancing the profession of pharmacy.”

Other FSU presentations at the APhA conference included:

  • Drs. Lisa Meny, Minji Sohn and colleagues presented their project exploring ways to improve patient compliance with medications using a new adherence packaging system (28-day), and comparing this to a standard 90-day supply.
  • Dr. Susan Devuyst-Miller, along with pharmacy resident Dr. Quintin Hacker, and colleagues Dr. Brook Roe and Dr. Courtney Biehl, presented their project to optimize the care of patients with acute coronary syndrome, and specifically those patients that are making the transition between hospital discharge and the outpatient settings. Their project is focused on managing anti-platelet therapies, such as ticagrelor, and ensuring that they are being used most effectively.
  • Dr. Scott Sexton (pictured) delivered a podium presentation to an audience of pharmacy trainees on the topic of “Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Opportunities”. He also served as a moderator the PharmTalk symposium “Innovative Practice in Telepharmacy”, and trends in the use of virtual pharmacy consultations and mobile health technologies to improve patient care.

Heidi Stutz (4th year pharmacy student) and her faculty advisor Dr. Qian Ding, presented the results of their research at the 2019 Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy in San Diego, CA. Their project, conducted as part of Heidi’s 2018 Summer Research Fellowship award, was designed to better understand the use of antipsychotic medications among elderly Medicare beneficiaries. In analyzing over 43,000 claims data, they found that inappropriate prescribing of antipsychotics was a significant problem in the health care community despite the availability of resources that recommend against the use of these agents in this patient population.

Faculty and student engagement in research that focuses on advancing the science and practice of pharmacy is an important part of the College of Pharmacy’s new strategic plan.

“There has been a growing emphasis on research and scholarship within the College of Pharmacy in recent years”, noted Dr. Rodney Larson, Professor and Assistant Dean of Academics and Practice, and co-Chair of the College’s Strategic Planning Committee. “This strong level of participation by both students and faculty demonstrates that our efforts are succeeding as we work to fulfill our mission.”

Among the attendees at the APhA meeting were 16 students from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year classes, including Katie Riffle (P2) who participated in the National Patient Counseling Competition and Connor Anderson (P2), who served as a voting student member of the APhA House of Delegates. “Getting to explore a new city all while learning and interacting with other student pharmacists, is an experience like no other”, said Riffle. “Being able to collaborate, interact and learn from each other teaches us invaluable lessons. I loved being surrounded by people who were just as passionate about pharmacy as I am!”

Paige Weaver (P3), enjoyed the networking aspect of the meeting. “As I headed to my second APhA Annual meeting, I wanted to network with not only other student pharmacists, but our own faculty and practicing pharmacists around the country.” She is also looking forward to keeping in contact with those she met at APhA. “I met so many interesting people in Seattle that I thoroughly look forward to seeing again next year in DC! This experience is invaluable to my future in pharmacy and I highly recommend the Annual meeting to student pharmacists and my colleagues who will soon be new practitioners."

According to Dr. Katie Axford, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Coordinator of the College’s Co-Curricular program, attending regional and national meetings is an important part of career development within the profession. "Having the opportunity to engage with pharmacy professionals from outside the Ferris community is an important part of our students' growth and development, and it also helps them stay focused and excited about the careers ahead of them. We are fortunate for resources like the Alumni Advisory Board Co-Curricular Scholarships that help make travel to regional and national meetings a reality for many of our students."

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