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College of Pharmacy Scholarships

The College of Pharmacy offers more than 40 scholarships to our P2, P3 and P4, students. These scholarships are awarded based on a combination of several factors which include financial need, academic achievement, community involvement, and leadership skills. The College of Pharmacy Scholarship Committee selects scholarship recipients and all decisions are final.

P1 students are automatically awarded scholarships, so no application process is required. 


You can explore College of Pharmacy Scholarships at the MyScholarships portal. Search using the keyword "Pharmacy" and you will find all of our scholarships and their criteria.

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Scholarship Application Deadline: Feb. 28, 2022

Please note that scholarships only appear on MyScholarships during the application period.

External Scholarships

Occasionally there are outside organizational scholarships available. These opportunities are posted on the Pharmacy 411 Dashboard in Blackboard for current College of Pharmacy students and require separate application with the company.

Award Process

  1. Student completes application
  2. Scholarship committee reviews applications (February-May)
  3. Recipients are notified of award during the summer months.

Scholarships are awarded once a year. Actual disbursements are divided equally between fall and spring semesters.

If you have questions about College of Pharmacy scholarships, contact the Dean's Office at (231) 591-2254.

Scholarship Reception

Each year the College of Pharmacy recognizes all pharmacy students who receive a scholarship award and the many generous donors that make these opportunities possible.

Stay tuned for this year's reception date 

Giving to the College of Pharmacy

We would like to thank the donors who fund these scholarships with their generous gifts to the College of Pharmacy. These funds provide invaluable support for graduate students every year. 

If you are interested in providing a scholarship opportunity in your name, please explore our Giving page or make a donation now.

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All Scholarships

All College of Pharmacy Scholarships are need based and require the recipient to be a full-time student.

  • AAPA Community Engagement Scholarship
  • Adel Makki Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Andy & Barb Young Leadership Scholarship
  • Arab American Pharmacists Association Scholarship
  • Bruce G. and Emily F. (Cramer) Hancock Scholarship
  • Charles R. and Marian D. Beadle Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Class of 1967 College of Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Class of 1969 Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Cramer Memorial Scholarship
  • CVS Scholarship
  • Daniel G. Garrett Asheville Project Scholarship
  • Daniel Hedgcock Memorial Scholarship
  • Dewaine V. and Jana B. Robinson Scholarship
  • Diane Malburg Scholarship
  • Dommert Family Scholarship
  • Durst Family Scholarship
  • Edward W. and Barbara J. Nickel Memorial Scholarship
  • Elmer & Fern Brudy Memorial Scholarship
  • Ensign Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Frank E. /meech Scholarship
  • G. Franklin Ochs Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Gary & Marie Kadlec Endowed Scholarship
  • George & Kathryn Menoutes Endowed Scholarship
  • George & Lia Kossaras Endowed Scholarship
  • Gustafson Family Scholarship
  • Hagerman Family Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Harper & Flora Wildern Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Harry Swartz Pharmacy Administration Award
  • Jack Newcomb Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • James and Jeanne Giroux Scholarship
  • James Turner Endowed Scholarship
  • Jean K. Elder Scholarship Endowment
  • Jerry and Suzanne Bouwens Scholarship
  • Joseph Edgar Brackett Pharmacy Scholarship
  • JoLaine Reierson & Paul Draugalis Endowed Scholarship
  • Karen Moore Shane and Jim Shane Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Karl and Carole Roth Scholarship
  • Kenneth & Alma Rumsey Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Kmart Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Laverne Curtis Endowed Scholarship
  • Louis & Angeline Burg Endowed Scholarship
  • Lucy and Fabian Ngoh International Healthcare Scholarship
  • Mahmound M. Sohb, RPh Endowed Scholarship
  • Mathison Fellowship Endowed Scholarship
  • Mathison Legacy Endowed Scholarship
  • Megan Louise Hurst Endowed Scholarship
  • Meijer Pre-Senior Scholarship
  • Michael W. Kane Memorial Scholarship
  • Nawrocki Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Nazih Jawad Life Rx Endowed Scholarship
  • Otto & Elva Cummings Endowed Scholarship
  • Patti Smeelink Annual Scholarship
  • Phillips Family Scholarship
  • Proctor Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Richard Sturm Memorial Scholarship
  • Rite Aid Annual Scholarship
  • Robert & Agnes Jordan Scholarship
  • Robert & Barbara Martin Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert & Frances Friar Annual Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Robert & Jean Olson Memorial Scholarship
  • Russell Merithew Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Sanborn Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Santa Zawaideh Tribute Scholarship
  • Scott Jeffries Memorial Annual Scholarship
  • Walgreens Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Scholarship
  • Walgreens Multillingual Scholarship
  • Watson Family Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Wendel Leroy Endowed Scholarship
  • Wildern Family Pharmacy Endowed Scholarship
  • William Dengler Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • William F. Adrian Scholarship
  • William Merle Morris Endowed Scholarship