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Downloadable Content & Posters

Clinical Education Material

The downloadable items below have been created by the Vision Research Institute for educational purposes and are designed to assist clinicians in practice. Click on the card below that you wish to download and print. If you prefer to have a hard copy (8.5" x 11") card sent to you at no charge, please email [email protected] with the request and it will be sent to you immediately.

The Scleral Lens Fit Scales demonstrate how to correctly estimate the clearance (amount of tears underneath portions of a lens, measured in microns) by comparing the tear layer thickness to the center thickness of the lens. Optic sections demonstrate the tear thickness underneath the lens both centrally and at the limbal area. Also shown are various edge clearances. Printing and shipping has been provided for by an unrestricted education grant from the Bausch + Lomb Boston Custom Lab Channel.

English Version
Downloadable Content & Posters
Spanish Version (Español)
Downloadable Content & Posters

The Private Label Solutions Guide is a listing of popular store brands including a description of the ingredients and what actual FDA approved lens care solution appears to be in the bottle. Even though these products are rarely recommended by clinicians, patients often make the decision to purchase these on their own. This guide will help the clinician understand what these store brands are and aid in providing future product recommendations.

Privat Lens Care Guide - Link to PDF