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Topography 1.6 Wtr 4.50dp L2L Keratograph 5M - Pellucid

This instrument provides the ability to look at the curvature and shape of the cornea (clear part of the eye). It works based on rings that reflect off the tear film on the front part of the eye. From these reflections a topographical map displays the changes in curvature throughout the cornea. This assists in the practice of fitting contact lenses, particularly on eyes that don't have a regular shape to them. With multiple different brands of instruments available, we have the ability to evaluate additional aspects of the eyes and eyelids such as:

  • Meibomian Glands – glands within the eyelids that produce a natural oil for our tear film
  • Lipid Layer – evaluation of the oil (lipid) layer of the tear film
  • Tear Film Stability – assessment of the quality and stability of the tear film on the eyes, as well as how quickly it breaks up over the surface after each blink
  • Simulated Fluorescein – ability to put a simulated contact lens on the eye and evaluate how it might fit an eye