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East Michigan Eye Center

Anderson Eye Associates building

Site 1:

East Michigan Eye Center

701 S. Ballenger Hwy.
Flint, MI 48532
(810) 238-3603 
Fax: (810) 767-5194


Site 2:

Michigan Eye Institute

4499 Town Center Pkwy
Flint, MI 48532
Michigan Eye Institute Externship Page


This externship site requires 2 days at East Michigan Eye Center and 3 days at Michigan Eye Institute.

Type of Practice: Private

MCO Students Per Rotation: 1

Orientation Instructions

You should contact Dr. Glauch 6 weeks prior to the beginning of your rotation to verify dates, times, directions, parking, and any other instructions. Completion of specific health requirements may be required, please check with your site. Report to the address above at 8:00 a.m. the first day of the rotation for orientation to policies, clinical protocol, administrative procedures, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Daniel Taylor, Director of Externships at [email protected] or (231) 591-3707.


  • Operating Hours: M-F, 8am-5pm
  • Hours of direct patient care for extern per day: 8 (40 per week)
  • Number of patients seen by extern per day: 25-50

Educational Objectives

Improve students diagnostic techniques, efficiency and management strategies, and provide insight into how optometry fits into a busy ophthalmological/optometric clinical setting.

Scope of the Externship

PC - Primary Care, CL - Contact Lens, VT - VT Evaluation, LV - LV Evaluation, PD - Pediatric, OD - Ocular Disease, F/U - F/U to monitor Tx plan, PRE - Pre-op, POST - Post-op, SC - Screening/ total numbers


Not provided by the facility


Contact Person

Clinical Teaching Faculty

nina Nina Glauch, O.D., FAAO

chris Chris Cukrowski, D.O.

Other Clinical Mentors

walt Walt Cukrowski, M.D. 

anu Anu Patel, M.D.

day Linda Day, M.D.

Support Staff

  • 3 opticians
  • 15 optometric technicians/assistants
  • 7 office staff personnel
  • 2 medical records personnel


  • Flint: pop. 96,500

Miscellaneous Information

  • One hour each day is set aside for clinic/case discussion or formal lecture presentation 
  • Angiography, lasers, photography, ACS outpatinet surgery, A-scan is available at this site
  • Auxiliary Equipment:
    • Humphrey x2 Visual Field Analyzer
    • OCT SD x2
    • Goldmann Tonometer
    • Manual Keratometer, hand held auto R/K
    • Fundus Camera
    • BIO with condensing lens
    • Fundus Non-Contact Lenses
    • Fundus Contact Lenses
    • Corneal Pachymetry
    • A scan ultrasound
    • Digitalized Angiography