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Computer Information Systems

At the Core of Business and Life

Nearly every organization needs professionals who can connect core business functions and computer and information systems. The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at Ferris State University prepares you to be one of those professionals.

The CIS program is located in the the Ferris College of Business, which means that not only do students take courses related to their major, they take business courses.  This gives the CIS students a good understanding of the business world in which they will work. 

Students enrolled in the CIS program at Ferris State University are visionaries. They have learned to visualize abstract concepts and, using the latest technology, have developed information systems helping power real-world business.

Ferris CIS students also develop non-technical “people” skills. Their ability to talk comfortably with customers and help them develop solutions to business problems sets Ferris State CIS graduates apart from their competitors and positions them to be future business leaders.

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Program Details

  •  Admission Requirements

    New Student Admission Requirements

    SAT Scores
    • 2.50 High School GPA (on a 4.00 scale)
    • Two of the Three Criteria:
      • 1. ERW SAT score of 450 or higher.
      • 2. Math SAT score of 500 or higher. Placement in MATH 109 or 110 will be considered (Math SAT score of 480 or higher).
      • 3. Composite SAT of 900 or higher. 
    ACT Scores
    • 2.50 High School GPA (on a 4.00 scale)
    • Two of the Three Criteria:
      • 1. English ACT score of 16 or higher.
      • 2. Math ACT score of 19 or higher.
      • 3. Reading ACT score of 19 or higher.

    Transfer Student Admission Requirements

    • Combined college or university GPA of 2.50 (on a 4.00 scale) from all institutions attended.
    • GPA based on completion of 12 credit hours or more.
    • Developmental courses will not be considered in computing the GPA requirement.
    • Transfer equivalency for Ferris State University’s ENGL 150 or placement during the first semester at Ferris State University which would require an English ACT score of 16 or higher; or ERW SAT score of 450 or higher; or English Accuplacer score of 6 or higher.
    • Transfer equivalency for Ferris State University’s MATH 114 or 115 or placement during the first semester at Ferris State University which would require a Math ACT score of 19 or higher; Math SAT of 500 or higher; or Math Accuplacer scores: Elementary Algebra score 75 or higher and College Level Math 0 to 49.
  •  Degrees
  •  Faculty and Staff

    Felix Bollou

    Associate Professor

    Trudy M. Borst

    Adjunct Instructor

    Maggie Brown

    Adjunct Instructor

    Travis Bussler

    Assistant Professor

    Sharon DelBello

    Adjunct Instructor

    Hira Herrington, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Department Chair - Accountancy, Finance and Information Systems

    Mary Holmes, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    Katie Kalata

    Assistant Professor

    John Kinuthia

    Assistant Professor
    Program Coordinator

    John Kriscenski

    Assistant Professor

  •  Key Courses
    • Advanced Database Design/Implementation
    • Advanced Programming
    • Enterprise Integration & Business Process Design
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Networking Essentials
    • System Analysis & Design 1 & 2
    • Web Based Systems Development and Implementation

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  •  Locations
    • Big Rapids (Main Campus)
    • Grand Rapids
    • Traverse City

    Head to our Statewide page to learn more about our off-campus and online offerings.


Students have access to a variety of classrooms and computer labs including a mix of traditional classrooms, team-based classrooms and Macintosh and PC labs. Students are exposed to many operating systems including, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.


The program has license agreements with many vendors to allow students to obtain many software titles for use on their home computer at not cost to the student. This includes agreements with Microsoft, VMware, and others.

There are many software titles available for use in the computer labs which include MS-Office, Visual Studio, Java,, DB2, Oracle, SQL, e-mail, Internet and campus portals. Over thirty-five software titles are available. Dell Computer Corporation is the campus standard for Ferris computer technology.

Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure provides both wired and wireless with up to 1000Mb (1 GB) Ethernet connectivity to the desktop and an Gigabit fiber optic backbone to the Ferris campus.

Hardware/Virtual Computers/Cloud

Students will be exposed to many different types of hardware both in and out of the classroom.  Students will have the opportunity to create virtual computers both on campus and in our hosted cloud solution.  There is also additional hardware and software available for students to work on special projects if they have an interest to research technology not taught in their classes.


Ferris CIS students are able to apply the academic concepts they’ve learned through required internships, which help students be more marketable. Real-world experience through internships is yet another edge Ferris students have over other graduates in the job market. Because students learn both theory and application, Ferris is recognized nationwide for its professional graduates who know how to get the job done even before they begin working.

For complete information regarding internships go to the College of Business internship page.


This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. ACBSP is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence.