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College of Business Mission, Vision, and Values


We in the College of Business are committed to academic excellence, ethical conduct, and a learner-centered environment characterized by quality teaching, outcomes assessment, and continuous improvement. Our students can take pride in their developed competencies and the distinctiveness of the College's programs. We shall be noted for being responsive to changes in workforce needs; building/maintaining good relationships with employers and community; preparing our students to excel in a global environment; and providing high-quality interns and graduates who meet and exceed employer expectations, deal effectively with change, and are committed to lifelong learning.


The College of Business will be distinctive for its provision of highly regarded career-oriented business education, adding value to our students through innovative teaching and learning processes, ensuring that they are well-prepared to make immediate contributions to their employers and society upon graduation. Our graduates will be sought because their competencies are of high quality and are consistent with current and future workplace needs.


  •  Learning: We value the development of competency through active learning. We believe opportunity, relevance and engagement are central to learning effectiveness. 
  • Respect: We value others and endeavor to treat them with dignity, respect, and equity, focusing on the development of constructive and collegial relationships. 
  • Diversity: We value diversity and strive to realize its synergistic benefit.
  • Integrity: We value high standards of professional and ethical conduct. We will do the right things, in the right ways, for the right reasons. 
  • Excellence: We value excellence, expecting it of ourselves and of those with whom we interact. 
  • Change: We value change for the vitality it can yield, acknowledging its inevitability and uncertainty. 
  • Continuous Improvement: We value continuous quality improvement and the use of systematic performance assessment in support of all that we do.