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COB Student Complaints

The Student Complaint Process

In the event a student feels the need to voice a complaint or concern regarding a Business instructor, course or educational activity, the student is directed to follow the steps outlined below.

Complaints of an affirmative action nature may also follow the steps listed below, or the student may contact the University’s Affirmative Action officer directly or other University employees as outlined in FSU’s Affirmative Action Policy.

STEP 1 – Instructor

Direct discussion with the instructor. The first step is to discuss the concern/complaint directly with the instructor. We encourage you to talk with your instructor as soon as possible. Many situations can be satisfactorily resolved at this level.

STEP 2 – Department Head

Department head review. In the event that a concern/complaint cannot be adequately resolved through direct discussion with the instructor, the student may submit a written statement to the instructor’s department head. The written statement should identify the student, instructor, course, a factual description of the problem, past efforts to address the problem with the instructor, and any other relevant information. Normally, the department head will meet with the student after the material has been reviewed.

The department head will ask the instructor to review the written statement of complaint and file a written response. The department head may meet with the instructor to discuss the situation and review any materials that may be relevant.

After review, the department head is authorized to undertake whatever action and/or discussion may be justified according to relevant University policies and procedures. That action may involve working out a solution with the instructor, referring the matter to another office, denying the complaint, or other appropriate action.

If the department head concludes that the student has engaged in dishonesty or other violation of FSU’s code of Student Responsibilities, the department head may initiate action with Student Judicial Services.

The department head is not authorized to change student grades, although the department head may recommend grade change appeal review by the College of Business Dean’s office.

STEP 3 – Dean

Dean’s review. In the event that the student or the instructor is dissatisfied with the decision of the department head, the student or instructor may appeal that decision to the Dean’s office of the College of Business. The appeal must be submitted in writing. The dean (or designated officer) will adjudicate the case based on a review of the complaint and the record of review at the department level. The dean’s decision is final and is not subject to further appeal.