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Academic Policies

COB Academic Policies

The University has several policies that govern academic life, and students should become familiar with these policies. Beyond University policies, the College of Business (COB) has some college-specific policies with which students should be equally familiar.

Degree & Program Policies

Class Schedule Adjustment POLICY

In a new semester, the first four days of classes is the drop/add period. During this period, a student can drop and/or add a class without incurring a grade of “W” (for withdrawal). To make changes to his or her schedule, a student logs in to Ferris360 or contacts the Registrar’s Office located in the Timme Center for Student Services.

After the drop/add period, no classes can be added to a student’s schedule, and if a student wants to drop a class it is considered a withdrawal and his or her transcript will show a grade of “W.”

Note: It is wise to meet with your faculty advisor before changing your class schedule.

Junior Status Checklist

Congrats! You have achieved Junior status (56-85 credit hours). What’s next?

  • Review “MyDegree” with your advisor and confirm that the information is correct.
  • If there are “MyDegree” corrections, contact the College of Business (COB) Dean’s Office (BUS 200 or (231) 591-2420, [email protected]).
  • Confirm that your advisor has submitted the directed electives, substitution, and program concentration approval forms.
  • Make sure all minors, certificates, double majors, and dual degrees are declared.
  • Check with your advisor: Are you on track for your anticipated graduation date?

Promotion and Merit Policy

View the Promotion and Merit Policy Document