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City of Angels (2008)

The setting is Hollywood in the late 1940s, with two stories occurring simultaneously: a Hollywood comedy and a detective drama. Stine is a writer adapting his detective novel into a screenplay, and Stone (a tough, trench coat–wearing detective) is his creation. In the interweaving of two plots, the real-life scenes are in color while the movie scenes are in black and white. It is 1940s vintage with beautiful girls with bright red lipstick, thugs and slugs, "black widows," movie moguls and happy endings.

Musical: Book by Larry Gelbart, music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by David Zippel.

  • The main narrator giving a brief explanation
  • Two men talking by the belltower
  • A man, with his gun drawn.
  • A man at his typewriter with the detective by his side.
  • The main character dancing on top of his office desk
  • The cast and crew in scene
  • Group of cast members on stage.
  • Angel sitting on the detectives lap
  • Detective asking the questions
  • Man, front and center in spotlight.