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Art Studio

Build Your Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Art Studio classes at Ferris promote practical, hands-on craftsmanship as well as creative thinking skills, problem solving and appreciation of art. They also enhance professions ranging from the medical arts to architectural technology, engineering technology and business. Evolving levels of craftsmanship addresses an international concern that has impact on all professions from the medical area to engineering to business. Craftsmanship is best evolved, evaluated and studied at the practical hands-on level.

All Art Studio classes dedicate considerable class time to developing better hand-eye coordination skills through drawing, painting and sculpting challenges. Evolving creative thinking skills and problem solving stand as this department’s top priority. In a future job market in which it is predicted that labor and industry will prove a difficult future in the United States, it is critical that the creative fine arts at Ferris dedicate the majority of class problems to evolving creative thinking skills and for providing better thinking and practical tools for problem solving.

The University's Art Studio courses currently offer entry-level studio courses in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional arts as Humanities and as Cultural Enrichment credit.

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