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Art History Minor

See the World in New Ways with Art History

Art is at the core of the human experience, helping us to communicate visually our ideas and values. Art historians study art in order to understand human culture. We study media such as paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and films, as well as works of architecture and urban planning. In studying works of art, we also consider the roles of artists, patrons, viewers and consumers. Art History minors learn about world civilizations and societies by placing works of art into their historical and cultural contexts.

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How Will This Minor Help Me Personally?

A minor in Art History helps students to study the human condition by focusing on what people have chosen to create. The past comes alive through the study of great works of art and the creative process. Students also have the opportunity to take Study Abroad courses taught by Ferris professors in Europe with visits to world-class museums and monuments.

How Will This Minor Help Me Professionally?

Because we experience so much of our world visually, it is important to learn to analyze what we see. From billboards to magazine covers to paintings, the image is a powerful means of communication, which depends on both history and context. A minor in Art History prepares students to observe carefully, think critically and respond creatively in whatever career paths they choose to pursue.

How Will This Minor Help Me Academically?

The Art History Minor is open to all students at Ferris State University, and it will complement any degree program. Art History courses help students develop their skills in observation, analysis and interpretation, as well as critical thinking and writing. Introductory courses offer a broad survey of art from prehistory to the twenty-first century. Specialized courses provide in-depth study of historical periods and important themes. Art History courses also help students to complete their general education coursework at Ferris.

A minor in Art History also offers a broad, interdisciplinary foundation for students wishing to pursue careers and/or graduate school in many fields, including the humanities, social sciences, law, education, architecture, engineering, graphic design and business, all of which have connections to the art world.

Why Choose This Minor?

Art History is unique because it focuses on the power of pictures. In the Art History minor we learn why images are as valuable as the written word.

For More Information:

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Humanities Department
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Ferris State University
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Art History Minor: Ferris State University Course Catalog