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Class Withdrawal

Class Withdrawal Information

This page is for a student who is considering a withdrawal from one or more classes, but will remain enrolled in at least one class.

Please click here if you are considering a total withdrawal for medical or other reasons.

Thinking of Withdrawing From A Class This Semester?

If you are in a position where you do not believe you will pass one or more of your classes, you may be thinking of withdrawing from that class(es) instead of affecting your GPA with a failing grade. If you withdraw from a class, you may be using financial aid to pay for a class that will not apply towards your degree. If the class is required for your degree, you will have to pay again to take it a second time. There are many things to consider before making the decision to withdraw from a class. Check out the information below to help you make the decision that is best for your situation.

1. Have you checked with your professor yet?

See if there is anything you are able to do to help your grade, especially if you are close to passing the course. Another good resource that your professor may suggest would be the Academic Support Center and Writing Center.

2. Have you met with your academic advisor yet?

Your advisor is there to assist you and your journey towards getting your degree. Check with them to see if they have any suggestions. They will also be who you need to speak with if you do need to withdraw from the class and how withdrawing will impact other classes you planned to take in future semesters.

3. Are you meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

In order to receive financial aid for future semesters, you must stay above a 2.0 GPA and complete 67% or more of your classes, cumulatively. Click here for more on the SAP policy.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Class Withdrawal

  •  What if withdrawing from the class puts me below full-time enrollment (12), will my aid change?
    At this point of time in the semester, because you will be earning a grade of a “W”, it does not change your financial aid award for this semester.
  •  If I withdraw, will I get a refund for that class?
    No, at this point in the semester you are not eligible for a refund. You will pay for the course as if you completed it.
  •  What if I need to withdraw from more than one class?
    If this is the case, your financial aid will still remain the same, however you will be using it for courses that won’t apply towards your degree. It is always best to try and pass the course so you are using your financial aid wisely, especially if you have borrowed loans to help pay for the course.
  •  Will withdrawing from a class now affect future financial aid?
    There are three requirements in order to remain eligible for financial aid: 1) You must maintain a minimum 2.0 (unless your program requires a higher standard; 2) You must complete at least 67% of the credit hours that you attempt; 3) You must earn a degree within a specified period of time for your program. For more detail, please see the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
  •  What if I need to withdraw from all of my courses?
  •  What if I still need the class to finish my degree, will financial aid pay for it again?
    Yes, your financial aid will pay for it one more time. After the second attempt, if you do not pass it again, federal financial aid will not apply towards that course for a third time. 
  •  How long do I have to withdraw?
    If your class is a full semester class, you may view the Academic Calendar for the corresponding date. If your class is not a full semester class, contact the Student Financial Services number below for more information.
  •  Where do I go to withdraw?
    You would go to your Dean's office.
  •  What if I am still not sure what to do after this FAQ?
    Please, contact Student Financial Services at 231-591-3945 or email [email protected] for more information. We are here to help you make informed decisions, regardless of your situation!