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Total Withdrawals Refund Schedule

Tuition, Housing, and Meal Plans

Refund schedule for charges when processing a total withdrawal from the University for a Part of Term 1 - full semester session:

Total Withdrawal Tuition Refund Policy Percentage of Refund - Tuition Percentage of Refund - Housing and Meal Plans
Before the first day of classes 100% Pro-Rated
First four days of classes at the beginning of each semester
(Ex. Fall 2017 Aug. 28 - Aug. 31)
100% 90%
5th day of classes through 25% of semester 50% 50%
26% of semester through 50% of semester 25% 25%
51% of semester and after NO REFUND NO REFUND

The above REFUND SCHEDULE may change without notice to comply with current federal regulations. Refunds are made in cases of TOTAL WITHDRAWAL from the University. Refunds on Express Meals and Bulldog Bucks are also available in the case of  TOTAL WITHDRAWAL from the University by emailing [email protected]. A reduction in course load (a class withdrawal), after the 4th day of classes, is NOT A BASIS for a refund. All University charges and credits are used in calculating student refunds. Disciplinary dismissals are not eligible for a refund on tuition, housing, meal plans, express meals, or Bulldog Bucks.

For other Part of Term sessions, please view the Calendar by Semester for the Last Day to Drop to receive a 100% tuition refund. After the Last Day to Drop, no refund will be issued for a withdrawal for the course(s).