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Starting Employment Training

Making sure you have the knowledge and skills to do your job is important to us. The Staff Center for Training & Development is the one place you can go for help accessing the resources you need to be successful during your career with Ferris State University.

Getting Started

You will receive some initial training during new employee orientation. This training is provided to ensure you are aware of the university:

Training & Development Resources

After new employee orientation, you will most likely have questions and further training needs. The Staff Center for Training & Development homepage provides information and links to training resources available for you to use to ensure you stay up-to-date on the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.

The center is located in the Alumni building, room 121. You may contact Jody Gardei, Manager, at 231-591-2112 or [email protected].

Training Links

Links to the training resources introduced during new employee orientation are listed below.

Technology Training Links

Faculty Training Resources

Training Resources



Safety and Wellness

Supervisors and Management