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Ferris State University offers excellent benefits packages for eligible employees.  Eligibility is derived from type and length of employment as well as any applicable collective bargaining agreements or personnel plans. (NOTE: Not all employees may be eligible for all benefits.)

These documents are intended to be only a brief description of the benefits available. If there are any disagreements between this document and the legal plan documents that govern each plan, the plan document will always govern. 

Plan documents are available through the Human Resources office.


COVID-19 At-Home Tests

If you participate in an FSU Medical Plan, you are eligible for reimbursement of your COVID-19 at home test purchases.  Effective immediately, health plan members can submit receipts for purchases of at-home COVID-19 tests made on or after January 15, 2022 for reimbursement through their health insurance coverage. 

Health plan members can submit for reimbursement for up to $12 per test, for up to 8 tests per covered plan member per month (a family of 4 would be eligible for reimbursement for up to 32 tests).  Please note the limit is 8 tests per member, not 8 boxes of tests (at-home COVID-19 tests typically come packaged in pairs).  

Priority Health Members: Click HERE to access more information about Priority Health's process and to access the reimbursement form.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Members: Click HERE to access more information about BCBS's process and to access the reimbursement form.  You can also purchase at-home COVID-19 tests at Walmart, Ride-Aid, Walgreens, Meijer, and Sam's Club pharmacies (purchase must take place at the pharmacy counter) at no out of pocket cost ($0).  You are still able to purchase tests from other retailers, but if a test is purchased at a non-preferred retailer, you will need to pay out of pocket for the test and then apply online for reimbursement.

Virtual Care

Virtual care gives you access to board-certified doctors on nights, weekends and even holidays for health issues. Virtual care connects you with a doctor over the phone, through video, or simply by filling out an online questionnaire. Depending on your condition and the type of virtual care you choose, a doctor can:

  • Prescribe a medication and send it to your preferred pharmacy
  • Develop a treatment plan
  • Notify your primary care doctor with current information
  • Make follow-up recommendations, including referrals to see a specialist

MESSA Virtual Care Information

Priority Health Virtual Care Information