Lost and Found

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If you have LOST an item

Please call 231-591-5000 or stop by our office and give a description of the lost item. We will attempt to match what you have lost with any similar items that may have been turned in to our department. 

If you have found an item

Please bring the item to Public Safety building so we can attempt to locate the owner or hold it for anyone who comes to DPS looking for their lost items. 

Lost and Found is available 24/7/365.

  • Lost and Found is maintained by the Ferris State University Department of Public Safety. If you lose an item in a specific building (such as FLITE Library) they may keep some items there. You can always call the department at 231-591-5000 or specific building to see if any items matching the description of yours have been turned in.

  • To retrieve an item, please call 231-591-5000 or stop in at the department. Our lost and found is secured, therefore you will need to bring with you a picture ID and detailed description of the item to retrieve any and all lost property.

  • All items of value are held for 180 days and non-valuables for 90 days. After that time, items are donated to local area charities or disposed of.

    Please note: Many buildings on campus hold items for some time before turning them into our lost and found. We recommend you call the building or nearest buildings where you may have lost your item(s).