New Employee Safety Orientation

New Employee Safety Orientation header

We take your safety seriously and work to serve and protect our community at FSU in two ways: 
keeping people and property safe and helping to create an environment where people feel completely safe.

A Message from the Director

Welcome to Big Rapids and Ferris State University!

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) works very hard to ensure the campus is a safe place for you to live and earn your degree. Partnering with the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety, the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office, and the Michigan State Police, we are committed to creating an atmosphere where our students, faculty, and staff feel safe.

We do this in several ways: highly visible patrols to help prevent and deter crime; maintain excellent relations with the student body; and quickly respond to and conduct professional police services when investigating crimes that have occurred.

DPS takes great pride in the safe campus we've created and ask for your help to maintain it. We care about you and your well-being. Help us in keeping campus safe by taking charge of your personal safety and the safety of other Bulldogs.

Bruce Borkovich
Director of Public Safety

Public Safety Website & Social Media

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to become familiar with the DPS website and follow our social media. We have taken considerable time to ensure it is easy to navigate and find information to keep you up-to-date on the latest department news, available trainings, and services we provide to the campus community.

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Emergency Alert System

To get emergency information to Ferris students, staff, and the university community, we utilize a system called RAVE Mobile SafetyIn an emergency situation, messages need to be delivered quickly and efficiently to warn the University community about active threats, severe weather, or hazardous situations. 

This system allows for emergency messages to be distributed by all or any combination of the following:

  • Texts
  • Phone message
  • Emails
  • Desktop computers (Alertus)
  • Electronic signage on campus
  • Outdoor broadcast system (triggered automatically by County weather alerts or as authorized individually by DPS)
  • Social Media 

For more information or to sign up for the emergency text alerts, click here.

NEW Parents, family or friends can now receive emergency messaging! Completing the following action will register a cell phone to receive FSU text alerts sent by the RAVE system.  All FSU location messages will be received when registering a cell number.

  • Text the word FerrisAlerts to the number 67283 on the cell phone you wish to register with the system.
  • The Rave system will respond back with a confirmation message.
  • Opt out of ALL messages by texting STOP to the number 67283.  
    This stops all text messages from being sent to the cell number

Bulldogs Text Tip Program

The Bulldogs Text Tip program is a confidential crime reporting tool for everyone!

Text Tips

Crime information can be reported confidentially by calling (231) 591-5900 or by sending an e-mail or text to [email protected].

Emergency Blue Lights

Emergency Blue Light PhoneIn conjunction with our Safety Escorts, main campus has Emergency Blue Lights that are connected to the campus phone network.

Blue light phones can be used by anyone if they feel they are in danger. The phone will allow immediate contact with a 911 operator. Locations can be found on the campus map.


Active Threats/Shooter

Active Shooter Graphic

The Department of Public Safety emphasizes education and preparedness to help to avoid or minimize injury or death in the unlikely event that an attack occurs on campus. The department will arrange to have police officers provide active attack training to any group, organization, or class upon request.

This training will educate people on the warning signs of an at-risk person, strategies to help to intervene before the at-risk person deteriorates further, and the response of those subject to an attack. Anyone interested in this training can call 231-591-5000 for arrangements.

Clery: Campus Security Authority (CSA) Training


A Campus Security Authority (CSA) is an individual, who by virtue of their university responsibilities and under the Clery Act, is designated to receive and report criminal incidents to the Department of Public Safety so that they may be included and published in the university’s Annual Security Report.  They have completed training on appropriately handling reporting crimes, victim relations and support, and related school policies.

A CSA must notify DPS of crimes or criminal incidents that are reported to him or her. They disclose statistics that fall under the Clery Act’s list of reportable crimes and occur within Clery geography.