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Foot Patrol/Safety Escort

The Department of Public Safety's student Foot Patrol division acts as an observe and report extensionto law enforcement. Foot patrol units are tasked with the responsibility to detect, observe and immediately report suspicious behavior to Ferris Dispatch and keep a safe distance away from a suspect or potential crime. 

Foot Patrol students are valuable members of campus, as they play a vital role in our ability to fulfill our mission statement to the University Community: keeping people and property safe and in helping to create an environment where people feel completely safe. 

One of the major components in this division is the Safety Escort service, which is offered to students, staff and community members. Student foot patrol units or sworn officers will escort you from one campus location to another. This service is available from 9pm until 3am.  

Call (231) 591-5000 to have a unit dispatched to your location.

For more information on how to become a student foot patrol employee or about student employment, please click here.