Check Payments

Ferris State University may process your personal check payment as an electronic ACH debit. By mailing a check for payment on a Ferris State University account, you are authorizing us to initiate an ACH debit in the amount of your check for the account on which you have written the check. To avoid possible costs ($25.00 for returned checks) due to a rejected ACH debit, please insure that the check is covered by funds already in your account before the check is mailed. Your check will not be returned as it will be imaged and the original check destroyed.

An e-mail will be sent to your Ferris student e-mail account if a returned check is received from the bank. If three (3) returned checks are received by the University, your student account will be permanently restricted from personal checks as a payment option. All future payments must be made via cash, credit card, cashier’s check, or money order only.

Check payments can be mailed to:

Ferris State University
Student Financial Services
1201 S State St, CSS 101PA
Big Rapids, MI 49307

Please be sure to include your student ID number on the memo line of the check.