Check Cashing Privileges

Check Cashing

Check cashing service is available at no charge to students, faculty and staff. Only one (1) check can be cashed per day for a maximum amount of $100.00. The following criteria will be used.

  • Cannot have written more than three (3) bad checks to the university;
  • Current account balance must be zero (0);
  • Must be currently enrolled as a student at FSU;
  • Must present a valid MyBulldog ID card.

Returned Checks

Non-sufficient funds or other refused checks may result in cancellation of registration, termination of housing contract or other university privileges. The payor will be notified of any returned checks and a fee for each returned check of $25.00 will be charged to the student's account. Check cashing privileges will be removed if more than 3 checks are returned to the University.