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American Academy of Optometry - AAO

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What is the American Academy of Optometry

Fact Sheet

The objectives of the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) are to promote excellence in the standards of optometric practice and to encourage the pursuit of research in optometry and related sciences. The Academy has been the principle force in promoting and encouraging the sharing of new knowledge and skill since 1922.


The Academy has established a specific category of membership for students. Student membership is open to all optometry students in good academic standing, to full time students in the vision sciences and related sciences, and to residents in accredited optometric residency programs. Student membership fees are $30.00/year and provide many benefits:

You may opt to receive the monthly issues of the only internationally recognized clinical science journal in optometry, Optometry and Vision Science, which is published by the AAO

You will receive the quarterly Academy Newsletter, detailing all Academy events, activities and issues.

You will receive a directory of the professional leaders in optometry, a valuable resource for many new graduates.

You can attend the AAO Annual meeting which is the premier scientific and educational meeting of the year where leading scientists, researchers, educators and practitioners come together to share their knowledge and ideas.

Upon graduation, you can automatically be a Candidate for Fellowship by completing the application by the end of the calendar year.

Student travel grants are available for students, including those in residence, as assistance to those who need financial aid to attend the Annual Meeting. Most importantly, you can begin a lifelong association with the Academy now by becoming a student member. The Academy provides route fro students to participate in and learn from information gathered through clinical experimental trial. Keep in mind that immediate benefits of student membership do not even compare to the long term benefits gained through a lifelong affiliation.

Information about student membership in the American Academy of Optometry