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Additional Admissions Information


Congratulations on your choice to pursue a career in the exciting and rewarding field of optometry! Admission to Michigan College of Optometry, like many professional schools, is a competitive process. Many students will meet the minimum requirements, however, the Admissions Committee is charged with the responsibility to admit students who can excel in the rigorous curriculum and contribute the growth of the profession as students and as optometry alumni.

We hope this information will be helpful to you as you plan your career. If you have any further questions please contact the Michigan College of Optometry Office of Academic and Student Affairs at (231) 591-3703 or [email protected]. We would be more than willing to assist you with questions about the admissions process. You may also refer to our website at Ferris Michigan College of Optometry. Additionally, it may be helpful to request a meeting with one of our faculty members in order to learn more about our program and the admissions process.

The Michigan College of Optometry offers three admission options for traditional applicants. They are the following: 1) Regular Admission Program 2) Early Admissions Program, and 3) 3+4 Admissions Program. Non-traditional applicants such as transfer students from other ASCO Optometry Schools or graduates of international optometry programs must go through a slightly different process. Please read through each option to select the best fit for you. Please note that all candidates are encouraged to complete the application process as soon as possible in order to receive early consideration for acceptance.

Additional Recommendations for ALL APPLICANTS

While academics are very important for acceptance into the College of Optometry, MCO is not simply looking for academic performance alone. Admission into the entering class is based equally on academic potential and clinical potential. Items such as the applicant’s Grade Point Average (GPA), available ACT/SAT scores, and OAT scores can demonstrate academic potential. Clinical potential can be evidenced by the following examples:

  • letters of recommendation
  • the applicant's personal essay
  • a personal interview
  • overall evidence of motivation
  • demonstration of high ethical standards
  • overall potential for success within the Doctor of Optometry curriculum.

All applicants will be evaluated on the communication, writing and inter-personal skills that are necessary to practice optometry.

MCO recommends all applicants review the following information carefully:

MCO prefers to accept well-rounded applicants who have been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities while continuing to perform well academically. Following is a list of some suggested extracurricular activities; however, this is not an all-inclusive list. Applicants should choose those activities that are best suited to their personality and interests. If there are extenuating circumstances that preclude significant involvement in such activities, the Admissions Committee will be understanding of those situations.


All applicants need to be aware that the Admissions Committee views the applicant's knowledge of the profession of optometry to be of vital importance. This is best achieved by visiting one or more optometrists on several occasions to observe patient care on a first-hand basis. Volunteering or working in an optometrist's office is a certain way to gain understanding of and appreciation for the profession.

Candidates may be invited to the campus to explore Big Rapids and to see what MCO has to offer. During your visit, you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with the MCO family, including the staff, students, faculty, and administrators.   Arrange your schedule so that you can spend a half of a day at MCO. As part of the process, you will 1) meet with the Associate Dean, 2) receive a tour of MCO provided by current students, 3) have a 45 minute interview with three members of the Admissions Committee, and 4) have an informational session with a MCO Student Ambassador.

Applicants are also encouraged to view the Entering Class Profile of the most recent entering class in order to gain an understanding about the qualifications of the applicants who were successful in securing admission to the College. This can also be found on our website at Ferris Michigan College of Optometry.

Additional Questions/Contact Information

If additional questions arise which are not answered by this summary publication, please contact the Michigan College of Optometry Office of Academic and Student Affairs at (231) 591-3703 or [email protected] or visit our website at Ferris Michigan College of Optometry. We would be happy to assist you with the admissions processes.

Additional Websites

OAT       OAT website  (A link to register for the Optometry Admissions Test is found on the ASCO’s website)

Contact Information
Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Michigan College of Optometry
1124 S. State Street, MCO 231
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2738
E-mail [email protected]