B.S.W. Field Placement

Part of the program at Ferris involves gaining experience in the field. This entails two internships, one during your freshman year and one during your senior year. Both of these internships give students ample opportunity to gain knowledge in their field.  

Ms. Carrie Thompson is the Field Placement Coordinator for the Ferris State University Social Work Program. Our program works with agencies in almost every county in Michigan.  

It's a rewarding profession. Social workers help to bring about individual and social change.  “Social work is a profession, which is different than just a job or an occupation…” works from a body of information, believe in a set of ethics and values and have skills honed for their area of expertise. The vast continuum of social work expands into the fields of psychology, medicine, school systems and community organizations. It's a big and diverse profession. There are approximately 700,000 social work jobs in the United States, with several factors contributing to the potential for exponential growth.