Immerse Yourself in Another Culture, Enhance Your Opportunities in Life

This Spanish Minor provides the graduate with the knowledge of language and culture, and the ability to communicate with Spanish speakers of different backgrounds. We strive to link different cultures through the word, and prepare students to communicate with real, and practical Spanish. 

How Will This Minor Help Me Personally?

The ability of knowing a second or third language will culturally enrich our students. Graduates of the Spanish minor have the opportunity to explore music, film, history, media, food and other personal interests from one unique perspective. Our four-week study abroad program is an example of how the students can learn about a different culture and develop their language skills by conversing with native speakers of Spanish.

How Will This Minor Help Me Professionally?

Considering the growth of Spanish speakers in the United States, the Spanish minor is an ideal complement to enhance the job opportunities in practically any field. Graduates of the Spanish Minor will be able to reach a wider community of services in areas such as hospitality, education, social services, business and medical professions.

How Will This Minor Help Me Academically?

Knowing another a second or a third language enriches the student academic experience by approaching one area of studies from a different perspective. From the very beginning our students of the Spanish Minor start to speak, read, write and comprehend spoken Spanish in a variety of settings. Students can explore materials of their particular area of interest in Spanish, understand the world from different perspectives and start getting ready with language requirements for graduate school. 

Why Choose This Minor?

The goal of the Spanish Minor is to offer our student population the opportunity to connect various and diverse cultures through the acquisition, mastering and use of a second or third language. We prepare proficient students in the four primary areas of development in a standardized language program (listening and reading comprehension as well as writing and oral production in Spanish). Also, our Spanish Minor stresses the practical uses of the languages so our graduates have the fluency to use Spanish in the real world.

For More Information

Spanish Program Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Eric Warner
Phone: (231) 591-5049
Email: [email protected]

Advisor: Professor Ana Davila-Howard
Phone: (231) 591-5854

Advisor: Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez
Phone: (231) 591-5036


Spanish Minor: Ferris State University Course Catalog