Reading, Writing, No Arithmetic!

English studies focus on interpreting and analyzing the interrelated roles of writing, literature, language and publication in the arts, culture and society. Rather than leading to just one defined job or career path, majoring in English provides you with a foundation of critical thinking, analysis and communication skills to enter a wide range of career fields: publishing, creative writing, college teaching, the law, public service and government, library/information science, business, and arts-related professional writing, and many more.

What Will I Study?

As an English major, you will study a variety of literary texts and media. In addition to the "core" courses in American/British literature, language studies and critical theory and practice, you will choose elective classes in your individual areas of interest—which might include anything from science fiction to film adaptation of literature, from African novels to young adult literature, from fairytales around the world to women's literature. 

What Are English Graduates Doing Now?

Ferris English grads have gone on to become attorneys, college English instructors, international aid and development consultants, novelists, editors, director of marketing and social media, curriculum developers and online content writers. English studies at Ferris also prepared program alumni to enter graduate education programs in fields such as law, linguistics, creative writing, religious studies and library/information science. 

More Information

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