Spanish for the Professions

An Interdisciplinary Degree to Enhance Your Future Career

Spanish for the professions gives the students the opportunity to enhance their primary major by:

  • Training to communicate and connect with colleagues, clients, customers and patients in a Spanish-speaking environment.
  • Acquiring language skills and deep cultural knowledge necessary in their specific professional field.
  • Increasing students competitiveness after graduation when seeking employment in their professional field.

What Will I Study?

Students will be exposed to linguistic and culture’s traditions, values and practices relevant to professional contexts while also providing them with a foundation in communicative skills and critical thinking. At the intermediate level the students have the advantage to choose the appropriate electives according to their interests (primary major). Students in the program are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Internships connected to their field
  • Study abroad programs
  • Travel/study courses
  • Summer immersions programs

Why Choose This Major?

This major is ideally suited to the needs of the changing demographic of the state of Michigan and the United States at large. Our major is designed for students who anticipate careers in which they will need to interact with Hispanic/Latino communities in the United States or abroad. It combines well with other majors and/or degrees offered at Ferris State University: medical professions, education and social service professions; and business professions. Classes are offered face to face, completely on line and in mixed-delivery format.

Video Testimonials

Carlos Pava
Vice President, Voices for Health 

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Carlos Video 3 Carlos Video 4

John Matias
Kent School Services Network

Carlos Video 1 Carlos Video 2
Carlos Video 3 Carlos Video 4

Ana Jose
Recruiter, Bethany Christian Services 

Ana video 1 Ana video 2
Ana video 3 Ana video 4


What Are Graduates of This Major Doing Now?

The students will be prepared to work on a variety of careers in which a high level of Spanish language and cultural competency associated with Spanish speakers of the twenty-first century are required.

For more options of a career with a Spanish degree, go to any career search engine (such as, type Spanish in the search box and see what comes up! For instance: translation and interpretation in the medical, social and international business fields.

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Spanish Program Coordinator/Advisor: Dr. Eric Warner
Phone: (231) 591-5049
Email: [email protected]

Advisor: Professor Ana Davila-Howard
Phone: (231) 591-5854
Email: [email protected]

Advisor: Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez
Phone: (231) 591-5036
Email: [email protected]

Spanish for the Professions: Ferris State University Course Catalog