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English / Professional Writing Minor

Program Information

The English/Professional Writing Minor develops the advanced writing and editing skills required in professional settings of all kinds, from graduate school to business and industry.

While you may not see yourself primarily as a writer or communicator, your job—now and in the future—will involve a great deal of both skills. An English/Professional Writing Minor will help you develop your writing and editing skills to help you succeed in any professional setting where you may be employed. The class requirements will also develop your critical thinking, document design, and language skills related to effective writing and editing.

How Will This Minor Help Me Personally?

Effective Written Communication. Persuasion. The History of English Language Use. Project Management. Editing. Document Design. Usability. Messages That Work.

For those who want to be better writers. For those who enjoy making language "work" for them. For those who know that effective written communication can make or break a company's—or a person's—success. Add an English/Professional Writing Minor to complement your B.S. or B.A. degree credentials.

How Will This Minor Help Me Academically?

Effective written communication is the basis of success in (1) nearly every class you will complete as an undergrad, (2) every job you will hold as an adult, (3) every professional development activity you will participate in—including graduate courses, certificate programs and training activities, and (4) every promotion you will receive in your professional career.

For More Information

Garrett M. Stack, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
(231) 591-5869
[email protected]