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Portfolio Assessment

Each English Education Major will develop a portfolio of work which will demonstrate the competencies expected of graduates of the program. While the final portfolio will be compiled as a project during English 415, the capstone class for English Education, students are expected to collect materials for the portfolio throughout their time in the program. This is not only an opportunity for students to demonstrate their growing competencies but also a chance for them to keep track of their own development.

The portfolio should include the following components:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Statement of Philosophy: The statement of philosophy should be a comprehensive statement examining the student's concept of the role of an English teacher. It may be an expansion of the philosophy statement written in ENGL 415 but should go beyond a discussion of the philosophy of teaching composition to encompass the many facets of English education.
  3. Resume
  4. Require Core:  One paper for each of the following courses should be included: LITR 311, 314, 351 or 323, 352, 415, and ENGL 415. It is expected that this section will illustrate the student's competency in literary criticism, using a variety of critical approaches.
  5. English Language Studies:  One paper, project or examination from each course taken within this portion of the checksheet (ENGL 301, 382, 413, TCOM 324) should be included. It is expected that this section will illustrate the student's competency in discussing language issues, appropriate terminology, and theoretical issues.
  6. Practical Writing:  One paper from English 321 and one paper from one of the other practical writing classes (English 311, 322, 323, 325) should be included. This section of the portfolio should illustrate the student's proficiency in writing.
  7. Elective:  Students may choose to include representative works which illustrate their "elective" interests.
  8. Teaching Materials:  Students should include materials from their practical experiences in the professional track. Such materials may include a sample lesson plan or syllabus or other pertinent teaching materials. The materials in this section should illustrate the students ability to work with students and to employ strategies consistent with the pedagogical statement.

Other materials to be included in the portfolio will be provided by the program coordinator (136 screen; student assessment forms for all classes taken in the Department of English, Literature, and World Languages).