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English Literature Minor

Study English and Open the Door to Other Worlds

In the English Literature Minor, you will study literary works and media from a variety of eras, places and cultures. You will gain a solid, well-rounded background in cultural literacy and critical thinking skills to enhance a career in any communication, arts, creative, cultural studies or people-oriented field, such as sales and marketing, graphic design, history, social work, education, advertising, psychology/counseling and international business.

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How Will This Minor Help Me Personally?

The English Literature Minor will introduce you to a diverse array of characters, experiences and perspectives, enlarging your understanding of yourself and others. You will gain greater appreciation for and insight into the media, stories and entertainment you already enjoy in your leisure time, and you will discover new literary forms, texts and authors to enjoy.  

How Will This Minor Help Me Professionally?

English Literature minors are seen by employers as having the communication and critical thinking abilities that are a premium in today's workplace. The English Literature minor allows you to explore a variety of cultures, perspectives and human dynamics through the study of literature, which helps prepare you to succeed in a global workforce. Most literature courses also provide ample writing practice, making you even more marketable in fields where the ability to write clearly and expressively is an asset.

How Will This Minor Help Me Academically?

Literary study helps to strengthen all the essential reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that enhance learning in all your college courses. The English literature minor also hones your analytical, research, evaluation, and critical thinking skills—which are important to any major.

Why Choose This Minor?

You will choose from a core of courses in poetry, fiction, drama, historical eras and diverse-perspectives literature. Then you will build on that foundation with elective courses in your individual areas of interest. For example: science fiction, Native American literature, children's literature, crime and violence in literature, and women's literature.

For More Information

Advisor: Dr. Heather Pavletic  
Phone: (231) 591-3033
Email: [email protected]

English Literature Minor: Ferris State University Course Catalog