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Interim Occupational Certification

Standard CTE Certification

Certification for Career and Technical Education Teachers

Career and technical education is offered as either a part of the regular school curriculum (occupational/non-wage earning) for the education of students as a occupational/wage earning program specifically designed to prepare students for employment in an occupational area.

Standard CTE Certification

Allows the holder to teach in state reimbursed and approved, occupational education classrooms in the occupational are(s) in which he or she is endorsed.

Standard CTE Certification Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Completion of an approved major in an occupational area
  • Two years (4,000) hours of recent and relevant work experience in an occupational area
  • Successfully completed a minimum of 9 semester hours of education credit
  • Passed the MTTC Professional Readiness Exam (formerly basic skills test)
  • Passed the MTTC Subject Area test if available
  • Ferris also requires CPR/First Aid (adult/child)


Michelle Kelenske, MS
Advisor, Occupational Authorization Officer
1349 Cramer Circle, Bishop 403B
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Phone: (231) 591-3642
fax: (231) 591-2043
[email protected]

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