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Pat on the Back Awards November 2009

Congratulations to —

I would like to nominate Major Kevin Babcock and the following ROTC cadets for their assistance with the wreath-laying event on September 1st in honor of Helen and Woodbridge Ferris: Aaron T. Jarvi, Erika L. Culpepper, Christopher J. Fought, Robert J. Saleski, Frank H. Schoenwitz, and Currie A. Tighe. Major Babcock happily assisted with this event and the cadets took their own time to guard the wreath on shifts. The ROTC also assisted with a wreath-laying back in 2003 for Woodbridge's 150th birthday, so we were pleased to partner up again for this event. I encourage everyone to support the ROTC on campus; I know that would mean a lot to them.

I would like to nominate the Business Office and Student Services staff, Deb Griffith, Tasha Seigert, Nicole Merritt, Barb Rice, MaryAnne Guenther, Kelly Normand, Jean Vallier, Pepper Bonnett, student employees Tara Ison, Kara Gottschall, Ashley Donahue, and Josh Cochran, for a Pat on the Back. As more and more phone calls and payments were arriving in preparation for the beginning of the school year, the staff did an absolutely awesome job helping our students with possible solutions for their outstanding bills, whether the student or parent was on the phone or in the Timme Center, also processing payments and producing ID cards. It's an incredibly hectic time for our office and the staff showed infinite patience and thoroughness. What a team! They worked hard every day for the past two weeks and I think they all deserve a big Pat on the Back!

Cindy Jackson has been working quietly behind the scenes to support FSU's 125th anniversary. She has spent countless hours listening to old audio recordings of former Ferris employees talking about their early experiences at the Institute/College/University and transcribing them into a digital text format. These recordings include barely audible comments from the audience, presenters with accents, and unfamiliar names of people and locations. In order to ensure the accuracy of the transcriptions, Cindy has consulted the Internet and old Big Rapids records and maps and has also made telephone calls to long-time Mecosta County residents. She has cheerfully undertaken this project (even with frequent incoming telephone call interruptions) and continues to efficiently manage her office duties in the FLITE Dean's Office. The transcripts will be placed in the University Archives.

Joe Strohkirch's technical expertise has aided Media Production in providing instructional support to Ferris faculty. He assisted with initial trials of placing streaming Web on a server for distribution to Ferris classes. He also keeps the computers in Media Production's graphics workroom loaded with the latest software and running smoothly, enabling us to design posters, graphs, and images for the faculty and for departmental offices. Computer technicians Michael Fletcher and Leeann O'Neal have replaced a computer in our Cable Television head-end system, ensuring an uninterrupted display of the Campus and Community Calendars. We thank the IT technicians for their professional and courteous support.

With FSUS, we frequently need to reserve rooms in FLITE for meetings etc., I wanted pass along to you, that Dorothy Hart is always helpful and thorough in her job in coordinating the rooms for us. I really appreciate that she double checks what I submit for my room reservations and she is very accurate. We appreciate her very much and everyone at FLITE.

Wendy Samuels is a prime candidate for a Pat-on-the-Back. Not only is she willing to volunteer for important professional roles such as the Political Engagement Project, academic service learning, and assessment, she has successfully assisted the accreditation efforts of the University. She regularly assists her college recruitment efforts and has even served at a table for another university college at Dawg Days events.

I would like to nominate Ryan Provo for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. Ryan is a student employee in the Purchasing Department. The wonderful success of the 10th Annual Vendor Show held September 17th is a result of the extraordinary effort from Ryan to setup and organize the show. During the past few months, he worked hard to contact vendors, make reservations, and arrange for even the smallest detail to be covered. We had a record number of 42 exhibitors and an estimated 300 in attendance. Ryan's hard work, dedication and, devotion to this project were very evident. It is with great pleasure and pride that the Purchasing Department expresses its appreciation to Ryan.

I would like to nominate Ron Patterson, Larry Stephan, along with Jim Brown and Dave Remus of the carpentry department for many pats on their backs. This great group of guys, on very short notice help prepare our area for an upcoming event during this year's Homecoming activities. Because of their efforts, photographs and portraits are now gracing our area that have not been seen in many years. It's this dedication and cooperation that embodies Mr. Ferris's belief to make the world better.

I would like to nominate Glenn Zobel and his great moving crew for the Pat on the Back award. On very short notice, the men retrieved from the Alumni courts a very large heavy FI Sign and moved it upstairs to our location for an event during the Homecoming activities. This was not an easy task. The men had some obstacles to maneuver around and they did this with good grace and good humor. This proves again, with a positive attitude, you can move anything. A hearty thanks to the guys!!!

I would like to nominate Lauri Knoop and Jim McIntyre for a Pat-on-the-Back award. Lauri and Jim always get the tasks at hand done and they both volunteer to help their co-workers out without being asked to. Lauri and Jim, you are a TRUE ROCKSTARS. Thank you for all that you do. :)

I would like to nominate Mike Johnson of TAC for his prompt and patient assistance with computer issues. Mike goes above and beyond his job by using great patience with "non tech minded" faculty as myself. Mike also follows up personally numerous time to make sure there are no further issues. I feel Mike's customer service goes above and beyond what is required of him and makes working in the College of Allied Health much easier knowing we have such great support. Mike Johnson works for TAC in VFS 326C

I think Jim Lindsey of Enrollment Service deserves an "atta boy". He is always there to help people. He has creative ideas and does all this with a unique personality.

Nicholas Campau deserves a great deal of pats on the back for his continued attention to detail, collaborations with departments across campus to get folks involved in sexual assault prevention (White Ribbon Campaign), and his leadership within the Office of the Dean of Student Life in encouraging a safe campus community.

Angela Roman does a dynamic job communicating with employers about the quality of our students, developing relationships with faculty across campus to meet the employment and internship needs of their students, and maintaining a sense of excellence in all that strives to accomplish for the Office of Career Services.

Kristin Norton has a difficult job as Director of Student Conduct, however, she continues to ensure that our students are afforded due process. She deserves a standing ovation for her University Committee on Discipline Training Program that involved over 50 faculty, staff, and students interested in helping our students have a clear understanding of the Code of Student Community Standards.

I would like to nominate the individuals that entered their office in the "Pride Day Decorating Contest" for a pat on the back for taking the time and energy to show their FSU Pride. The following individuals would be: Annette Erler - Physical Plant, Melanie Mulder - Financial Aid Office, Becky Prunty - Communications Center, Kelly Normand - Student Services, Richelle Williams - CAHS Dean's office, and Deb Ducat - School of Education. I would also like to nominate the students who took time out of their busy schedules to judge our contest: Megan Woolsey, President's Office, and Kaley Budnick, Office of Vice President for Student Affairs.