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Pat on the Back Awards July 2009

Congratulations to —

I would like to give Sue Mumby in Financial Aid a Pat on the Back. She is always there to help me with Parents and students during orientation time and I really appreciate it and I know the parents do to. Of course it is always with some humor!!! Thanks Sue.

I would like to nominate Gary Lutz, Charles Rathbun, and Jason Brown for the pat on the back award. All three employees have gone above and beyond to assist me in solving numerous criminal cases. They are often not recognized for the work they do for their customers.

I would like to nominate Tom Weaver for a Pat on the Back. I have been in for unions and Tom Weaver is the one of the best Union Presidents I have ever met with. Tom is very knowledgeable, understanding, hard working for you, and usually gets his voice to be heard. Thank you Tom

I would like to nominate Mark Rolston for a pat on the back award. He makes sure that our building looks great. When we have something special that needs to be done he always does it with a smile and is always glad to help. Mark you do a great job. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

I would like to nominate Karen Rohdy for a pat on the back award. She has really made our building look fantastic. Karen thank for all of your hard work. You Rock!!!!

I would like to nominate the grounds crew (Gerold Battle, John Bishop, Rich Coby, Gordan Erler, Steve Huss, Brad King, Lionel MacKenzie, Jim Spedowske, Gordan Graham, Jim White, Chuck Zimmerman, Gary Unger, Scott Wilcox, and Daryl Young Jr.) for a big pat on the back. Just wanted to tell you thank you for making our campus very nice to look at and very welcoming to our in coming families. Thank you very much for making our campus look great.