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Pat on the Back Awards January 2009

Congratulations to —

I would like to nominate Jeff Stirn for the pat on the back award for the wonderful job that he does at Mascar Grille. Even though his work load has more than doubled this year he still works so hard to help out and make everyone else's job as easy as he can. He is very much appreciated and I want to thank him for all that he does.

I want to nominate carpenters Ron Patterson and Randy Wheeler for the Pat on the back award. These two men continue to exceed the expectation of the HVACR program here in the Granger building. We have given them numerous challenges to build or create their own design for various cabinets, display carts and shelving units. As always is the case they always come through for us in a very timely manner.

I would like to nominate Leeann O'Neal, computer technician from CTS for a Pat on the Back Award. I have been employed at Ferris for several years and have never been able to access my Lotus Notes from off site. Several have tried over the years to fix this but Leeann did! Leeann's response to our area's needs are always fast and courteous. With her "can do" attitude she is a great asset to the University.

I would like to nominate Lisa Knudson for a pat-on-the back. Lisa has a very positive attitude and is so willing to go the extra mile to help. Recently, I needed to reserve a conference room near her office. She called me the morning of the meeting and had made sure the room was ready and had the coffee brewing. This was way beyond my expectations. She is a great asset to her departments and to FSU.

I would like to nominate Hailey Patterson for the award. She works as a student at the FSU Ice Arena ticket office and many other positions at the Ice Arena. Hailey had to work the FSU Pro Shop the day of Graduation and a parent came into the Pro Shop who needed to buy some batteries for her camera so she could take pictures of her son at graduation. Hailey didn't have any to sell her so she gave the mother her own personal camera so she could get some pictures of her son at graduation and would e-mail her the pictures. If it wasn't for Hailey giving the mother her camera she would not been able to get any pictures of her son graduating.

I would like to nominate Jeff Carney for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Returning to work on Monday, January 5, I found myself stranded on the ice by the parking lot in front of the Timme Center. Jeff was driving by in his truck, noticed my dilemma, and quickly came to my aid; not only helping me over the ice, but across the road as well, he said, so he wouldn't have to run over me! Thanks Jeff

I would like to nominate Kris Rasmussen and Jim Cook for a Pat-on-the-Back award. While it can never be fun for them to have to bring our computer systems down to do maintenance, the timing of this for the month of December made some of us in the Records Office very concerned, as the official grades were to post that same night, and hundreds of transcripts needed to get out the next day with those grades on. These guys did a mini-trial run with us before hand and monitored the situation very closely before and after the shutdown of Banner to make sure everything worked as planned, which it did. Thanks for taking care of us!

I would like to nominate the Admissions Office Clerical Staff for their outstanding student service during spring orientation. Orientation is a very hectic and busy event. The clerical staff consistently does an incredible job with smiles on their faces! This is a perfect example of Ferris pride! The Spring Orientation 09' clerical staff includes Shelli Garland, Charlotte Tetsworth, Becky Prunty, Julie Cole, Donna Myers, Judy Becker, Leigh Ann Theunick, Linda Stebleton, Lou Ann Kirkpatrick, and Natalia Carvalho-Pinto.

I would like to nominate Pepper Bonnett and Nicole Merritt for a pat on the back award. They are ALWAYS willing to step up and help the Student Services counter at Timme during very busy times and it is greatly appreciated.