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Pat on the Back Awards February 2009

Congratulations to —

For many years, David Wininger, in Media Distribution and now with Computer Technology Services, has done a superb job of keeping projectors and other media equipment in good repair and running in our classrooms. Many times he has stayed late at night or come in early in the morning to repair or replace equipment so classes could proceed without interruption. David, who is technologically savvy, has also been a reliable source of information when planning new facilities and when remodeling. For all of the many things he has done to improve the quality of education at Ferris and for maintaining the equipment, David Wininger is most deserving of the Pat-On-The-Back award.

I would like to nominate Mike Brown for a pat on the back for doing such a great job helping stores out here at the plant by doing a special job for them and going out of his way. He did such a good job that he saved the paint crew from having to do extra work. Nice Job Mike

We would like to nominate Lori Rendel in Enterprise Technology Services for her work on the transition from fsuimail to Gmail for students. Lori did an outstanding job as the project leader, working with departments, meeting timelines, encouraging her team, and putting all the pieces together. She has worked diligently with Google, post-implementation, to resolve the problems with delayed emails. Every step of the way, Lori has been committed to making the imail transition a success.

I enthusiastically recommend Carrie Buss, Sally Russell, Leah Monger and Chris Jacobs for a pat on the back award for their efforts recently. There was an unusually large amount of withdrawn books available to be recycled and their efforts in transporting the books to the FLITE loading dock area was extremely helpful. Thank you so muck for your help.

I would like to nominate Bobbie Grow from the Accounts Payable office for the Pat-on-the-Back Award! I can't think of an easier person to deal with on campus than Bobbie! She takes on whatever the challenge is and gets the job done with a positive attitude!! I just want Bobbie to know that offices across campus really appreciate all she does in assisting with our specific needs!!

I would like to nominate Genevieve West for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Genevieve has stepped in as Interim Department Head for the Language and Literature Department for over a year. She has worked very hard to meet the needs of a very large department and continue the department on a direction towards educational excellence.

Please allow me to nominate Lou Ann Kirkpatrick for a Pat-on-the-Back award. Lou Ann routinely sets the benchmark for 'customer service' as she greets and assists our prospective students and families who begin their campus visit experience on the second floor of the Timme Center for Student Services. Her welcoming demeanor and engaging attitude is critical to the overall success of the Office of Admissions & Records. Never has Lou Ann's professionalism been as evident as to what was displayed by a recent encounter with one of our campus visitors. During a recent Daily Visit Admission's presentation, a father of a prospective student experience discomfort within his chest and approached Lou Ann for assistance. With calming demeanor, Lou Ann provided immediate assistance to the father, while simultaneously communicating with emergency services. As a result of Lou Ann's actions, emergency services evacuated the father to Mecosta County General Hospital and provided services accordingly. By day's end, the prospective student's father was resting comfortably and planning his return home. This Pat-on-the-Back award nomination is a public expression of the gratitude Enrollment Services feels towards the pride and professionalism displayed by Lou Ann Kirkpatrick. She is our Hero.

Roses are red, violets are blue, MASCAR GRILLE has the best Foodservice Worker Crew. I would like to nominate all of our Foodservice Workers because they do a good job everyday and don't always hear that they are. So Paula Walter, Salad Maurer, Jeff Higley, Amos Huntey and Lavonne DiTuilio, thank you for all that you do, we really appreciate it. :)

I would like to nominate the following people for a pat-on-the-back award: Betty Traynor, Mark Lane, Julie Knopf and Lora Ellison. These folks have been very patient with us as they were transplanted into our kitchen especially since we have to share a small kitchen together. Thank you for being patient and willing to work with and around the rest of us!! Also, thanks for some of the best tasting cookies and cream, lol.

I would like to nominate Steven Stellard in Applications Technology Services for a Pat-on-the-Back award. He is doing a great job as the HEAT administrator. I have asked for assistance, corrections, updates, and fixes on numerous occasions, and Steve has always taken the time to figure out the problems that I have and determines the best way to resolve those issues. I truly appreciate all of the work that he has done.

I would like to nominate Gary Myers and Colleen Sauntman for their outstanding dedication to Rankin Student Center. On top of their continued effort to stay on top of the ice and snow that is dragged into the building they continue to step up when asked to take on additional duties. In Rankin Student Center things change on a minutes notices with an extra mess to clean up or a extra room to be set up and they continue to say "Yes I will help" when asked to do beyond their normal work routine. Gary and Colleen we appreciate you more than you know.

Paul Heidemann has done a wonderful job creating the strategic planning database for Admin & Finance. He has spent many hours creating and re-tooling the database and reports to all the many specifications that have been requested. He does this all willingly and with a smile. Thank you so much, Paul!

I would like to nominate Ernie Hollenbeck for a pat on the back award. Ernie is a custodian in SRC. On Saturday nights, he works alone with minimal supervision and handles custodial calls after 10:30 pm. that come from DPS. At times Ernie is called to make independent decisions, including working past his scheduled shift in order to accommodate students, faculty and staff. Calls usually come from residence halls or married housing apartments and we can count on Ernie to take care of the problem or to contact his Supervisor. Ernie is always willing to go above and beyond his duties to insure that whatever the situation calls for, it is taken care of. He asks himself "what's the right thing to do" and then does it.