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Part 8. University Community and Public Welfare

Table of Contents

Subpart 8-1 Department of Public Safety

Section Title
Sec. 8-101. Status of Ferris State University Department of Public Safety.
Sec. 8-102. Public Safety Department Oversight Committee.

Subpart 8-2 Campus Solicitation

Section Title
Sec. 8-201. Fundraising and Solicitation by External Groups.
Sec. 8-202. Scope of this Subpart.

Subpart 8-3 Smoking Policy

Section Title
Sec. 8-301. Compliance with Act 198.
Sec. 8-302. Areas Where Smoking is Prohibited.
Sec. 8-303. Smoking Permitted in Certain Rooms or Offices.
Sec. 8-304. Records to be Maintained.
Sec. 8-305. Childcare Facilities Smoke Free.
Sec. 8-306. Vehicles Smoke Free.
Sec. 8-307. Campus Regulations.
Sec. 8-308. Violators Subject to Discipline.

Subpart 8-4 Homeland Security and Emergency Response

Section Title
Sec. 8-401. Policy Statement.
Sec. 8-402. Responsibility for Emergency Management; Appointment of Director of Emergency Management and Assistants.
Sec. 8-403. Strikes.

Subpart 8-5 Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Section Title
Sec. 8-501. Statement of Principles.
Sec. 8-502. Prohibition of the Unlawful Manufacture, Distribution, Dispensation, Possession or Use of Drugs or Narcotics.
Sec. 8-503. Disciplinary Action.
Sec. 8-504. Requirement of Notification Regarding Criminal Drug Statute Conviction.
Sec. 8-505. Prevention of Substance Abuse.
Sec. 8-506. Implementation of this Subpart.
Sec. 8-507. Applicability of this Subpart.

Subpart 8-6 Sexual Assault Policy

Section Title
Sec. 8-601. Statement of Principles.
Sec. 8-602. Administration.

Subpart 8-7 Employee and Student Dignity

Section Title
Sec. 8-701. Employee and Student Dignity.
Sec. 8-702. Prohibited Romantic Relationships
Sec. 8-703. Importance of Free and Open Discussion.

Subpart 8-8 Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Section Title
Sec. 8-801. Statement of Purpose.
Sec. 8-802. Commitments and Values.
Sec. 8-803. Applicability of this Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs.
Sec. 8-804. Health Risks.
Sec. 8-805. University Resources and Programs - Employee Assistance Service.
Sec. 8-806. University Resources and Programs - Student Resources.
Sec. 8-807. Employee Policies and Sanctions.
Sec. 8-808. Student Policies and Sanctions.
Sec. 8-809. Policy Distribution.
Sec. 8-810. Biennial Review Process.

Subpart 8-9 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Other Communicable Diseases

Section Title
Sec. 8-901. Academic Setting - Required Procedures.
Sec. 8-902. Education and Public Relations.
Sec. 8-903. Employment.
Sec. 8-904. Student Life.