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Part 4 Administration And Finance

Table of Contents

Subpart 4-1 Contracting Policy

Section Title
Sec. 4-101. Applicability of this Subpart.
Sec. 4-102. Contracting Authority of the Board.
Sec. 4-103. Delegation of Authority by the Board.
Sec. 4-104. Contracts Where the Amount Involved Does Not Exceed $150,000.
Sec. 4-105. Institutional Articulation Agreements.
Sec. 4-106. Contracts Not Involving Monetary Consideration.
Sec. 4-107. Contracts in Case of Emergency.
Sec. 4-108. Requirement that there be a Sufficient Unencumbered Balance.
Sec. 4-109. Compliance with Law and with Legal and Liability Standards.
Sec. 4-110. Legal Review and/or Risk Management Review.
Sec. 4-111. Definition of "Foreign Entity".
Sec. 4-112. Settlements and Agreements Relating to Employment Disputes for Labor Relations Matters.
Sec. 4-113. Delegations of Contracting Authority.
Sec. 4-114. Certain Specific Delegations of Authority.
Sec. 4-115. Contracting Policy.

Subpart 4-2 Purchasing Policy

Section Title
Sec. 4-201. Adherence to Good Business Practices, Ethical Standards, and Applicable Law.
Sec. 4-202. Equality of Opportunity in Contracting.
Sec. 4-203. Purchases of and Contracts for Goods, Supplies and Services-General Provisions.
Sec. 4-204. Authority to Purchase or Contract.
Sec. 4-205. Matters Reserved to the Board.
Sec. 4-206. Monthly Purchasing Report.
Sec. 4-207. Exceptions from this Subpart.

Subpart 4-3 Acquisition and Lease of Real Estate by the University

Section Title
Sec. 4-301. Acquisition of Real Estate by the University.
Sec. 4-302. Certain Agreements Regarding Real Estate.
Sec. 4-303. Lease of Real Estate by the University.
Sec. 4-304. Legal Review of Acquisitions and Leases of Real Estate by the University.
Sec. 4-305. Environmental Audit.
Sec. 4-306. Easement Agreements.
Sec. 4-307. Other Real Estate Matters.

Subpart 4-4 Use, Rental and Lease of University Facilities

Section Title
Sec. 4-401. Applicability of this Subpart.
Sec. 4-402. Definitions.
Sec. 4-403. Authority to Rent or Furnish University Facilities.
Sec. 4-404. Adoption of Schedules of Rents and Additional Charges.
Sec. 4-405. Lease of University Facilities.
Sec. 4-406. Square Foot Charges for Use of Facilities.

Subpart 4-5 Tuition and Fees

Section Title
Sec. 4-501. Role of the Board in Establishing Tuition, Fees and Other Charges.
Sec. 4-502. Authority Granted to the President.
Sec. 4-503. Responsibility of the President to Advise the Board.
Sec. 4-504. Special Tuition Arrangements.

Subpart 4-6 Risk Management and Insurance Policy

Section Title
Sec. 4-601. Purposes of the Risk Management and Insurance Program.
Sec. 4-602. Property and Casualty Insurance.
Sec. 4-603. Administration of Risk Management and Insurance Program.
Sec. 4-604. Reports to the Board.
Sec. 4-605. Intent of this Subpart.

Subpart 4-7 Banking and Cash Management

Section Title
Sec. 4-701. Banking and Cash Management Responsibility.
Sec. 4-702. Primary Banks.
Sec. 4-703. Deposit of Funds.
Sec. 4-704. Checks, Drafts, and Other Orders for the Payment of Money.
Sec. 4-705. Use of Money Market Mutual Funds.

Subpart 4-8 Investment Policy

Section Title
Sec. 4-801. Responsibility and Authority for Investment Activity.
Sec. 4-802. Investment Objectives for Short-Term Investment Pool Accounts.
Sec. 4-803. Investment Objectives for Intermediate-Term Investment Pool Accounts.
Sec. 4-804. Investment Objectives and Asset Allocation for Long-Term Investment Pool Accounts.
Sec. 4-805. Other Investment Parameters.
Sec. 4-806. Credit Quality Parameters.
Sec. 4-807. Performance Objectives and Benchmarks.
Sec. 4-808. Evaluation of Investment Managers.
Sec. 4-809. Signature Authority in Sales of Securities.
Sec. 4-810. Quarterly Review and Report.

Subpart 4-9 Annual Review and Disposal of Surplus Real Estate

Section Title
Sec. 4-901. Review of Properties Proposed for Disposal.
Sec. 4-902. Disposal of Properties Approved by the Board for Disposal.
Sec. 4-903. Development of Written Procedures.

Subpart 4-10 Disposal of Surplus University Personal Property

Section Title
Sec. 4-1001. Policy of the University.
Sec. 4-1002. Sale or Exchange of Surplus University Personal Property.
Sec. 4-1003. Development of Written Procedures.

Subpart 4-11 Naming of Buildings, Rooms and Areas

Section Title
Sec. 4-1101. Self-Liquidating Structures.
Sec. 4-1102. State-Funded Buildings.
Sec. 4-1103. Rooms and Areas.
Sec. 4-1104. Recommendations by the President.

Subpart 4-12 Bond Cremation

Section Title
Sec. 4-1201. Bond Cremation.

Subpart 4-13 Student Housing

Section Title
Sec. 4-1301. Provision of On-Campus Residential Housing.
Sec. 4-1302. Requirement that Students Live in University Residence Halls.
Sec. 4-1303. Permission to Live Off Campus.
Sec. 4-1304. Overnight Visitation Program.
Sec. 4-1305. Requirements Applicable to Students Who Live Off Campus.

Subpart 4-14 Debt Policy

Section Title
Sec. 4-1401. Purpose.
Sec. 4-1402. Structure and Maturity.
Sec. 4-1403. Fixed and Variable Rate Debt.
Sec. 4-1404. Tax Exempt and Taxable Debt.
Sec. 4-1405. Method of Sale.
Sec. 4-1406. Credit Enhancement.
Sec. 4-1407. Refunding and Restructuring.
Sec. 4-1408. Investment of Bond Proceeds.