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Part 6. Personnel Policies

Table of Contents

Subpart 6-0 Definitions

Section Title
Sec. 6-000. Scope.
Sec. 6-001. Definitions.

Subpart 6-1 Personnel Hiring Policy

Section Title
Sec. 6-101. Statement of Principles.
Sec. 6-102. Equal Employment Opportunity.
Sec. 6-103. Authority Retained by the Board.
Sec. 6-104. Authority to Hire Employees.
Sec. 6-105. Requirement that there be a Sufficient Unencumbered Balance.
Sec. 6-106. Requirement of Board Approval Before Exceeding Established Staffing Level.
Sec. 6-107. Prior Notification to Board Regarding Nominees for Vice Presidential Appointments.
Sec. 6-108. Authority to Take Corrective Action with Employees.
Sec. 6-109. Authority to Terminate Employment.
Sec. 6-110. Policy in Regard to Non-Continuance of Employment.
Sec. 6-111. Summary of the Termination and Appeal Procedure.
Sec. 6-112. Requirement of Board Approval for Collective Bargaining Agreements or Individual Employment Contracts.

Subpart 6-2 Hiring Policy

Section Title
Sec. 6-201. Statement of Principles.
Sec. 6-202. Moving Expenses.

Subpart 6-3 Personnel Transactions, Career Development, Apprenticeship Program, Interim Assignments, and Modification of Work Assignments

Section Title
Sec. 6-301. Statement of Principles.
Sec. 6-302. Combined Personnel Transactions.
Sec. 6-303. Promotions/Job Transfers.
Sec. 6-304. Apprenticeship Program.
Sec. 6-305. Interim Assignments.
Sec. 6-306. Exceptions.

Subpart 6-4 Nepotism and Favoritism

Section Title
Sec. 6-401. Employment of Family Members.

Subpart 6-5 Leaves of Absence

Section Title
Sec. 6-501. General Provisions Relating to Leaves of Absence.
Sec. 6-502. Types of Leaves of Absence.

Subpart 6-6 Political Activity

Section Title
Sec. 6-601. Statement of Principles.
Sec. 6-602. Conflict Between Political Activities and Obligations to the University.

Subpart 6-7 Paid Days Off: Sick Time, Short Term Disability, Personal Days, Funeral/Bereavement Days, Jury Duty, Vacation, Holidays, and Paid Military Duty

Section Title
Sec. 6-700. Statement of Principle.
Sec. 6-701. Accrual and Use of Sick Time and Short Term Disability.
Sec. 6-702. Advancement of Paid Sick Time.
Sec. 6-703. Paid Personal Days.
Sec. 6-704. Funeral/Bereavement Days.
Sec. 6-705. Vacation.
Sec. 6-706. Holidays With Pay.
Sec. 6-707. Jury Duty.
Sec. 6-708. Military Duty Pay.

Subpart 6-8 Insurances

Section Title
Sec. 6-801. Group Health, Dental and Vision Coverage.
Sec. 6-802. Group Term Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Plan.

Subpart 6-9 Medical Examinations

Section Title
Sec. 6-901. Required Examinations - President, Vice Presidents, and Academic Deans.
Sec. 6-902. Other Required Examinations.
Sec. 6-903. Costs and Purposes of Examinations.

Subpart 6-10 Tuition Benefits

Section Title
Sec. 6-1001. Tuition Benefits Program.

Subpart 6-11 Retirement


Section Title
Sec. 6-1101. Retirement Plans.
Sec. 6-1102. Notice of Retirement.
Sec. 6-1103. Emeritus Policy.
Sec. 6-1104. Authority to Administer University Retirement Plans.

Subpart 6-12 Consulting Activities

Section Title
Sec. 6-1201. Outside Consulting Activities.
Sec. 6-1202. Scope of this Subpart.

Subpart 6-13 Exercise of Rights as Citizens

Section Title
Sec. 6-1301. Rights as Citizens.

Subpart 6-14 Tax Sheltered Annuity Program

Section Title
Sec. 6-1401. Definition.

Subpart 6-15 Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University

Section Title
Subpart 6-15. Scope of this Subpart.
Sec. 6-1501. Employment Policy.
Sec. 6-1502. Hiring Policy.
Sec. 6-1503. Personnel Transactions, Career Development, Apprenticeship Program, Interim Assignments, and Modification of Work Assignments.
Sec. 6-1504. Nepotism and Favoritism.
Sec. 6-1505. Leaves of Absence.
Sec. 6-1506. Political Activity.
Sec. 6-1507. Sick/Short-Term Disability Leave, Funeral Leave, Vacation, and Holidays.
Sec. 6-1508. Insurances.
Sec. 6-1509. Medical Examinations.
Sec. 6-1510. Tuition Benefits.
Sec. 6-1511. Retirement.
Sec. 6-1512. Consulting Activities.
Sec. 6-1513. Exercise of Rights as Citizens.
Sec. 6-1514. Employee and Student Dignity.
Sec. 6-1515. Tax Sheltered Annuity Program.