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Part 10. Other Matters

Table of Contents

Subpart 10-1 Freedom of Information

Section Title
Sec. 10-101. Implementation of the Freedom of Information Act to the Extent Applicable to the University.
Sec. 10-102. Certain Provisions of the FOIA.
Sec. 10-103. Responsibilities of the President, or his/her Designee, with Respect to the FOIA.

Subpart 10-2 Reimbursement of Certain Expenses Incurred by Officers and Employees of the University (Other than the Trustees)

Section Title
Sec. 10-201. Policy of the University.
Sec. 10-202. Appropriateness of Entertainment Expense.
Sec. 10-203. Required Documentation.
Sec. 10-204. Budget Limitation.
Sec. 10-205. Approval of Entertainment Expenses.
Sec. 10-206. Reimbursement of Employee Travel and Miscellaneous Expenses.
Sec. 10-207. Reimbursement of President's Travel and Miscellaneous Expenses.
Sec. 10-208. Review of President's Travel, Entertainment and Miscellaneous Expenses.

Subpart 10-3 Conflicts of Interest Involving Other Officers and Employees of the University

Section Title
Sec. 10-301. Compliance with the Constitution and Laws.
Sec. 10-302. Law Pertaining to Conflict of Interest.
Sec. 10-303. Contracts Between the University and a Related Party.
Sec. 10-304. Definition of "Related Person".
Sec. 10-305. Reporting and Investigation of Possible Conflict of Interest.
Sec. 10-306. Annual Letter Regarding Conflict of Interest Policy.

Subpart 10-4 Provision of Legal Representation for Other Officers And Employees of the University; Indemnification

Section Title
Sec. 10-401. Policy on Provision of Legal Representation for Other Offices and Employees of the University.
Sec. 10-402. Limitations on Indemnification for Legal Representation.
Sec. 10-403. Responsibilities of President.

Subpart 10-5 Claims and Litigation Policy

Section Title
Sec. 10-501. Purpose of the Claims and Litigation Policy.
Sec. 10-502. Engagement of Special Legal Counsel.
Sec. 10-503. Settlements.
Sec. 10-504. Appeals.
Sec. 10-505. Commencement of Proceedings.
Sec. 10-506. Reports to the Board.
Sec. 10-507. Conflict Waivers in Legal Matters.

Subpart 10-6 Collective Bargaining

Section Title
Sec. 10-601. Authorization to Appoint a Collective Bargaining Negotiating Team.
Sec. 10-602. Role of the President.
Sec. 10-603. Constitutional Autonomy of the Board.

Subpart 10-7Transfers of Administrative Authority, Duties and Responsibilities for FSU--Grand Rapids

Section Title
Sec. 10-701. Authorization to the President to Issue Executive Memoranda.
Sec. 10-702. Board to Receive Copies of Executive Memoranda.

Subpart 10-8 Annual Assessment

Section Title
Sec. 10-801. Annual Assessment of the Progress Made by the University.

Subpart 10-9 Intellectual Property Rights and Electronic Distance Learning Material

Section Title
Sec. 10-901. Purpose of the Policy on Intellectual Property Rights and Electronic Distance Learning Materials.
Sec. 10-902. Intellectual Property Covered by this Policy.
Sec. 10-903. Persons Covered by this Policy.
Sec. 10-904. Administration and Interpretation of this Policy.