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Part 3. Academic Affairs-Academic Programs

Table of Contents

Subpart 3-1 Academic Programming and Educational Services

Section Title
Sec. 3-101. Purpose of Academic Programming and Educational Services.

Subpart 3-2Programming Responsibilities

Section Title
Sec. 3-201. Matters Reserved to the Board.
Sec. 3-202. Matters Delegated to the President, or His/Her Designee(s).
Sec. 3-203. Informational Report Required.
Sec. 3-204. Development, Implementation and Changing of Specific Courses of Study and Curricula.
Sec. 3-205. Establishment of New Academic Minors.

Subpart 3-3Admissions Policy

Section Title
Sec. 3-301. Principles and Purposes.
Sec. 3-302. Admissions Policy -- General.
Sec. 3-303. Admissions Policy -- First-Year Students
Sec. 3-304. Administration of Admissions Policy.

Subpart 3-4 Determinations as to Michigan Residence

Section Title
Sec. 3-401. Statement of Policy.
Sec. 3-402. Administration of Program.

Subpart 3-5 Academic Senate

Section Title
Sec. 3-501. Role of the Academic Senate.
Sec. 3-502. Authority Reserved to the Board.
Sec. 3-503. Timeliness of Deliberations.
Sec. 3-504. Amendment of Senate Charter.

Subpart 3-6 Academic Freedom

Section Title
Sec. 3-601. Statement of Principles.
Sec. 3-602. Research.
Sec. 3-603. Classroom.
Sec. 3-604. Responsibility.

Subpart 3-7 Academic Probation, Dismissal and Readmission

Section Title
Sec. 3-701. Purpose of the Policy on Academic Probation, Dismissal and Readmission.
Sec. 3-702. Administration of Programs.

Subpart 3-8 Enrollment Count Date

Section Title
Sec. 3-801. Establishment of the Enrollment Count Date.
Sec. 3-802. Administration of this Policy.