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Part 9. Other Matters Pertaining to the President and the Board

Table of Contents

Subpart 9-1 Travel and Entertainment Expense Incurred by Trustees

Section Title
Sec. 9-101. Applicable Law Pertaining to Trustees' Reimbursement.
Sec. 9-102. Policy of the University Regarding Trustees' Travel and Entertainment Expenses.

Subpart 9-2 Conflicts of Interest Involving the President or a Trustee

Section Title
Sec. 9-201. Compliance with the Constitution and Laws.
Sec. 9-202. Law Pertaining to Conflict of Interest.
Sec. 9-203. Prohibition of Substantial Conflict of Interest
Sec. 9-204. Interpretation of this Subpart.
Sec. 9-205. Reporting of Conflict of Interest.

Subpart 9-3 Provision of Legal Counsel for the President and Trustees; Indemnification

Section Title
Sec. 9-301. Policy on Provision of Legal Counsel for the President and the Trustees and on Indemnification.
Sec. 9-302. Scope and Intent of this Subpart.